Vehicle Fuel Usage

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Keeping track of how much fuel is used among your fleet can be a challenge for any business owner. Not only do you have to consider actual fuel burned when driving, but also idling, unauthorized driving, and speeding. What Smart Fleet has found, is that many of our customers find when tech’s live in the area, they are more likely to stop home. If a tech stops home for 30 minutes every week and makes $20 per hour, that’s $40 a month or about $500 annually. This is roughly $500 annually, just for one driver.

Additionally, when a vehicle idles they’re burning through fuel. The AAA says that for every 15 minutes of idling, it’s roughly a quarter gallon of gas. This means if a vehicle is idling for an hour, an entire gallon of fuel is used. As well as fuel usage, idling can be harmful to the engine life of the vehicle overtime.

Another way fleet vehicles go through fuel is by speeding and rapid acceleration. According to EarthEasy’s study on fuel efficient driving, they found that increasing your highway cruising speed from 55mph  to 75mph can raise fuel consumption as much as 20%. Quick accelerations also burns fuel more quickly than if a driver slowly accelerated. Just think about how much fuel is needed to get a vehicle to go from 35mph to 60mph quickly.

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