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Service Titan

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Service TitanSmart Fleet now integrates with Service Titan!

Service Titan is widely used field service software.  Service Titan assists in the scheduling and management of employees and jobs.

Smart Fleet has the ability to integrate on both our Smart Fleet Private Label Legacy and Smart Fleet Prime powered by GPS Insight platforms!

This integration allows you to not only schedule your jobs, but see where your vehicles currently are and who can get there quickest!

Call today to see if we can integrate with your program! 732-722-7725

Field Service Software

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Smart Fleet now offers Field Services Software on it’s Smart & EZ system!

Field Services Software is a way to schedule jobs, create & send invoices, and keep your company organized!

Plans starting at $18.95 a month.  Call today to schedule your live demo! 732-722-7725

Jonas Integration

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Smart Fleet now integrates with Jonas Construction Software on our new Smart & EZ platform!  Jonas is a workforce management software that is intended for construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and general contractors.  There are roles for each member of your team to fit their job and management needs.

JonasLogoFeatures include:

  • Accounting, Cost Estimates, Invoicing, & Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory & Equipment Management
  • Payroll & Union Reporting
  • Time Card
  • Service Contracts & Document Management

Click here to see the press release!

Workforce Management

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Smart Fleet’s newest Smart & EZ system is now compatible with our workforce management software!

Workforce Management is the new and improved way to keep track of where your vehicles are and where they should be!  With workforce management you can manage all of your workers schedules to see who has an opening and where you can fit in an extra customer.

Workforce management also allows your technicians to create and send invoices to customers, accept payment, and go paperless billing!

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Smart Fleet Workforce Management Integration

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Smart Fleet now has integration with a Workforce Management software on their Smart & EZ platform!

Through Workforce Management integration, businesses can easily schedule jobs and dispatch their workers to them with minimal effort.  This makes it easier to see where any worker is and where they are supposed to be.  Workforce Management makes it easy to see gaps in the schedule where you can take on an extra client.

Not only is Workforce Management good for scheduling, but it also gives your workers the ability to create and send invoices as well as accept payment from their customers.

Call today to for a demo of our Workforce Management integration! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet – Workforce Management

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Smart Fleet now offers workforce management compatible with our Smart & EZ system!

With workforce management, companies can manage jobs, send invoices, and accept payment.  This eliminates the potential errors of scheduling by hand.  By scheduling through workforce management, the dispatchers can see exactly where each technician has an opening, helping to optimize time.

Employees can check into jobs directly through the software allowing you to know when they arrive and complete.  They can also create invoices on the spot and accept payment directly, reducing the headache!

Call today to see how workforce management can optimize your performance – 732-722-7725!