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Competitor Discount

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Currently using a competitor GPS tracking company?  We can offer you an additional discount for switching to Smart Fleet!

Smart Fleet values all customers.  We have many customers who have been with us for many years, some since we started!  We want customers using our competitors to try our product and see the value from working with a small family owned company.  As an incentive to try us. we offer a discount to all customers coming from a competitor.  Simply show us a copy of your bill and we can lower your rate! We believe once they try us they’ll stay!

Slower Drivers Are Profitable for Your Busines

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Be sure to take advantage of the speed alert and speed monitoring features of your Smart Fleet Tracking System.  Significant savings in fuel cost are available.  Learn more below.

Fuel Mileage
You may know excessive speeding can dramatically reduce fuel economy, but few of us have bothered to learn just how much it costs. Following is some useful and startling information compiled from DOE data.

The DOE calculation
Unfortunately, it’s true. Your vehicle’s gas mileage decreases once it gets past its optimal speed. For most vehicles, this is around 55 mph. This means that every time you go over this speed, you’re essentially wasting fuel and money.  You’d be surprised to learn that a slight decrease in your highway driving speed could significantly reduce your fuel consumption, while only adding a few minutes to the travel time.

How much?
According to studies backed by the DOE, the average vehicle will be at its advertised peak efficiency MPG at 55 mph. But as the speed increases you lose up to 28% of efficiency when traveling at highway speeds!  The data:
– 3% less efficient at 60 mph
– 8% less efficient at 65 mph
– 17% less efficient at 70 mph
– 23% less efficient at 75 mph
– 28% less efficient at 80 mph

Are Your Smart Fleet Speed Alerts Setup?  Are You Coaching Your Drivers?
Your Smart Fleet GPS system has two types of speed alerts.   One is a top end “threshold” alert.   Set the threshold at, for example, 70 mph and if a driver exceeds that alert you can be notified they exceeded that speed (or get a daily report of all violations).   The other alert is “posted speed” alert.    Set this alert to be triggered if a driver exceeds, for example, 12 mph over ANY posted speed limit on any road.   Alerts can be sent to your email or phone but you may want to simply have a daily or weekly report sent to you showing you all violations.  (see attached report)

Use these alerts or reports to coach your drivers.  Provide incentives or gift card to those with the least violations.   Then watch your fuel bill plummet!

Also see these training videos on How to Setup Alerts –

How to Setup Reports –

Value of Landmarks

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The Value of Landmarks and their Associated Alerts and Reporting Data

Don’t Underestimate the value of Landmarks and the use of their associated Alerts and Reporting Data!

The use of Landmarks in conjunction with the establishment of entering and exiting alerts and their use in reports have significant value and should not be overlooked. For example, many service related companies have service contracts which come up for renewal. The use of landmark reports to determine the number of times a business’s employee service that account (Landmark) including the total amount of time invested within that account (Landmark) is critical business data need to determine if that service contract should be renewed and at what price. This software functionality will provide that visibility within minutes for any given timeline, but only if you create Landmarks.

This is also an important tool for time and materials type billing, or a job you won based upon a bid and whereas you may also have multiple vehicles/employees working on it. Just imagine the value this tool will provide to determine your profit margin and or analyze your overall bid margin or to justify any project or job overruns!

The creation of a Landmark is fast and easy and can be incorporated into your Vehicle Tracking software in many ways consisting of almost any size or dimension or color. We’ve even made our software intelligent enough so that once you create a Landmark it is able to go back and incorporate that into all of the historical data captured by our software servers. You even have a Landmark Import Tool enabling you to enter an unlimited number of them in minutes.

Many customers use landmark city, county or state boundaries to manage their employees and assets. Some customers have even landmarked their business and or employee homes to use as productivity related data and furthermore, by including these landmarks as alerts you can receive information near “real time” as vehicle enter and/or exit or both including the time spent within it.

Landmarks are one of the most common utilized and valuable tools available that should not be overlooked.

Smart Fleet – Worker Protection

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GPS not only tracks your employees, but also helps to protect them!

In the event of an accident, GPS can help to show if your driver was speeding or did a harsh stop trying to prevent an accident.  These reports can help prove your drivers innocence in a court case!

GPS tracking is also useful to employees who may forget to clock in or out or mark how long they were at a job site.  With GPS you can see exactly how long a vehicle was at a job site and when the employee started working.  This can be beneficial for any payroll you need to backfill!

mapping w sf

Smart Fleet Reports

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Smart Fleet GPS fleet tracking has multiple report options on every platform!

These reports are useful for billable hours, tracking mileage, and as employee time-cards!

You have the options to run reports when you would like, or to have them automated and have them waiting for you when you get into the office!

Call Smart Fleet today to get started! 732-722-7725

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Smart Fleet Y-Cables

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Smart Fleet now sells Y-Cables for your plug and play devices!

Y-Cables, or OBD-II splitters, are a Y shaped cable that plug into your OBD-II port.  These cables allow you to simply plug in your device and plug the other end unto the OBD-II port.  With a Y-Cable you still have access to an open OBD-II port.

Y-Cables are also useful in allowing you to hide your device behind the dash.  This way you do not need have to worry about one of your drivers accidentally bumping it with their knee and it coming loose.  This is also an option if you are looking for a way to hide your device from the drivers.

Call or email today to find out more! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet GPS Garmin Integration

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NEW on our Smart Fleet Prime platform is Garmin integration!

Garmin integration allows you to send directions directly to your drivers Garmin device.  This can be useful if your drivers do not have company phones or to help with worrying about data overage charges!

Call Smart Fleet today to schedule a demo! 732-722-7725

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Smart Fleet GPS Reduces Fuel Costs

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money_signBy tracking your vehicles, you can reduce your company’s fuel costs!  With some of the alerts Smart Fleet offers, you can eliminate fuel waste.

Off hour alerts allow you to know when your employees are using their vehicles outside of business hours.  This can reduce personal vehicle usage by your employees.

Idle alerts can be set to any interval you choose.  This allow you to know if your employees are leaving their vehicle running while they go into jobs.  For every hour a vehicle idles it uses a 1/2 gallon of gas!

Call today to speak to one of our sales representatives about how we can help you save money! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Plug and Play Units

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Smart Fleet now offers plug and play units all platforms! xt2050 cropped

Plug and play units can be an easy option because they do not require going under the dash to install.  These units can simply be plugged into the OBD port.

We offer Y-Cables to give you an additional OBD port that is not being blocked by the unit and still accessible.  These Y-Cables can be tucked under the dash to keep them out of the way.  We also offer torque seal at NO COST!  Torque seal is a small tube, similar to paint, that can be applied to the edge of the unit so you know if your unit has been unplugged.  This provided tamper evidence.

Call or click today to schedule your demo! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Report

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Using Smart Fleet GPS tracking, you can run reports for your fleet.  Our reports can be ran by vehicle, group or fleet.

Reports on our systems can go back as far as 6 months.  All of our reports can also be exported and either printed or saved for future use.

Report can be helpful with billable hours, mileage logs, and driver supervision.

You can’t manage what you can’t see!  Call today to see what your fleet is doing! 732-722-7725

speeding alert report