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Smart & EZ Help Button

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Smart & EZ likes to make the system as easy as possible for our customers!  To aid in this, there is a help button on every page!  By simply clicking the ‘?’ icon at the top of the page, the system will generate help and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for that page.   Not only will it be page specific, but it generates based on the page, tab, and section you are in!   Most help pages even include a video to walk you through the process.  Keep it easy and let Smart Fleet help! 732-722-7725

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Electronic Driver Logs (ELD)

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Smart Fleet now has Electronic Driver Logs (or Electronic Logging Devices – ELD).  These ELD devices pass all government regulations and standards.  Why get in trouble for being behind code when Smart Fleet makes ELD so easy!  Call today for a live demo and more information! 732- 722-7725

Smart & EZ

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Smart & EZ is one of our newest systems.  This system offers 1 minute tracking, turn by turn updates, as well as lifetime warranty on all devices.  Through Smart & EZ you can integrate with fuel cards, Jonas Construction, and workforce management.  This open API allows you to easily integrate any system you see fit!  This system is as easy as the name implies!  Call Smart Fleet today for a live demo! 732-722-7725

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Bundled Program

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money_signSmart Fleet’s bundled program is available on both Smart Fleet Prime and Smart & EZ!

With our bundled program, the price of the equipment is built into the monthly price.  You can even include install in this monthly price!

Bundled programs are great for large fleets who aren’t ready to lay out all of that money up front.  The only upfront cost is a $99 application fee and your first months payment!

The $99 application fee covers all of your vehicles and is a one time fee per application.

Improve Driver Behavior

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Smart Fleet helps you improve driver behavior!

On our Smart & EZ system, you can easily monitor driver behavior! Harsh braking, harsh acceleration, hard right, and hard left turns are all documented in the system for you to look back and see.

You have the option of receiving driver behavior alerts or pulling a driver behavior report.  This would let you know of harsh movements, speeding, or idling.  You can also always view these events in the system.

Many customers have let their drivers have competitions to see who has the least driver behavior offenses after a month.  You can give them a prize for their increased effort, and still save money on their safety!

Driver Behavior

Customizable Dashboard

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Smart Fleet has customizable dashboard on both Smart & EZ and Smart Fleet Prime Pro.

Smart & EZ has a dashboard that is still a work on progress.  However, you can add difference types of graphs and charts to tell you what your vehicles are doing.  You can choose what you want and don’t want to see.

Smart Fleet Prime Pro is completely customizable!  The entire dashboard can be customized to what ever view you prefer.    You are also able to save different screens that work best for you.  This way everyone in your office can use the view that best fits their needs.

Prime Screen

Maintenance Alerts

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Smart Fleet offers maintenance alerts on all 3 platform!

More than just alerts, Smart Fleet offers way to help you better maintain your fleet.

On Smart & EZ, we help you set up an upcoming maintenance report.  Through this report, which you can receive daily, weekly, or monthly, you can see how far each vehicle is from their next schedule maintenance.

On Smart Fleet Nspire you have the option to create maintenance alerts by time, distance, or engine hours.  This is the perfect way to manage not only oil changes but tire rotations, state inspections, and guideline reviews.

Smart Fleet Prime has the most state of the art maintenance design.  On both standard and pro you can do what all of the other systems offer.  However on pro, you can also do service notes.  This is a great way to keep track of what you are paying for service throughout the year and track your costs!


Smart Fleet & Jonas

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Smart Fleet has now partnered with Jonas Construction Equipment!  Through this partnership we are able to integrate and tracking your vehicles while still using all the amenities Jonas offers to manage your fleet.

Through Smart & EZ, you can see you vehicles on your map in the Jonas system.

See what our customers are saying about it!

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Smart Fleet now has dispatching on all 3 platforms!

Smart & EZ all you have to do is type in the address, click go, select your vehicle and choose dispatch to.  This will dispatch to any email or phone number you have on file for this vehicle! You will be able to open directions from their current location in either Google or Apple maps.

EZ Dispatch

Smart Fleet NSpire allows you to choose a vehicle to dispatch to, then you can fill out the address and the recipient of the dispatch.  This is convenient if you want to send directions to different emails or phone number each time.  This will open as a list of directions.  NSpire Dispatch



Smart Fleet Prime allows you to dispatch to vehicles by typing an address, clicking a vehicle, clicking a landmark, or dropping a pin where you would like them to go.  You can send it to either the email or phone number you have on file for this driver or type in your own and edit.  These directions come with a link to open either Google or Apple maps.  This dispatching allows you to have the best of both worlds.  Prime Dispatch