GPS Tracking Solutions

Reduces fuel costs and curbs unauthorized vehicle use while increasing fuel economy.

Increasing your bottom line is what we do at Smart Fleet!
Managing your mobile fleet from job to job is sometimes difficult to do effectively. Many local fleet companies are faced with high demands, high fuel costs, and lack of visibility of where each vehicle is at any given moment. Optimizing vehicle utilization is essential for your business and enables you to provide the best customer service.
Smart Fleet gives you the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies. Our internet based solutions provides local fleet owners with GPS vehicle tracking tools to help improve worker performance, dispatch vehicles more effectively, and reduce operating costs. We have the solutions to enable businesses to run at maximum efficiency through a variety of real time alerts and countless cost saving features.
Idle alerts reduce engine idle time, which is critical in reducing wasteful gas consumption. For every hour your truck runs idle, a half of gallon of gasoline is wasted!
Odd hour alerts ensure that employees are not using vehicles for personal use, therefore saving on gasoline, as well as extending the life of your service vehicles.
The find-closest vehicle feature allows fleets to seamlessly go from job to job. Fleet managers on the move or dispatchers in the office, can quickly locate a driver with the right skill set and the vehicle with the right equipment for the job. Just one extra service call per week will pay for your tracking system.
So what’s the bottom line? Smart Fleet solutions reduces fuel costs and curbs unauthorized vehicle use while increasing fuel economy. It’s a win-win fleet management equation for fleets of all sizes!