GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software

Smart Fleet GPS tracking software offers top-grade internet based tracking systems.sat sf
Through this interface, business owners and managers can see exactly where their vehicles are at all times of the day.
While getting real-time two minute updates of your vehicle’s travels, you can follow a visual trail of where your vehicle is going. With this visual, you can pull up real-time traffic, allowing you to manage and route your vehicles to a better and quicker route.
Smart Fleet offers Google-based mapping, reports and alerts improve the efficiency and utilization of any fleet. Our tracking software provides the solution front end for visualization of fleet telematics, whether it be real-time alerts in case of emergency, the crossing of a boundary into locations outside of policy, or weekly reporting of vehicle idle time. In addition, the FMS XML data services feed delivers the same information to any custom designed interface or application.

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Mobile Application

Business leaders and managers can’t always work behind a desk, which is why Smart Fleet offers a mobile viewer.
Smart Fleet USA is your window into a comprehensive mobile resource management system that will improve your bottom line and provide new operational insight into your driver and fleet resources.
You can manage your fleet on to the go, by pulling up the map and/or checking your vehicle’s history, which can all be done in the palm of your hand.

Alerts & Reports

Smart Fleet USA provides the secure administrative interface needed for an efficient fleet and for anticipating issues before they arise. Maintenance scheduling, vehicle allocation and fuel savings are just a few of the benefits. Smart Fleet’s features help improve operations in many ways.
Smart Fleet offers many alerts and reports that allow you to manage your fleet to the highest efficiency.
You can manage such things as fleet idling, fleet speeding, off hour driving, and maintenalert sf webance scheduling.
A few things alerts can help you with:
  • Reduces fuel costs.
  • Curbs unauthorized vehicle use while increasing fuel economy.
  • Decreases speeding.
  • Increases safety.
  • Helps maintain vehicle maintenance.
  • Increases your bottom line.
Another thing Smart Fleet offers is our reports.
Customers are using reports for many things, but mainly use them to confirm billable hours and help with payroll.
Smart Fleet offer’s daily trip summary reports per vehicle and/or fleet and reports of every vehicle’s stops for the day, which can help when doing payroll.
Many other reports are also available, including an alert summary report. This really allows you to see which of your driver’s are speeding or idling the most.