GPS Fleet Tracking

sat for websitePower a Smarter Business with Smart Fleet Tracking and Field Management Tools

Smart Fleet gives you visibility of vehicles and drivers in the field, delivering increased operational control, reduced risk and lower costs.
By seeing your driver’s real-time location, you can map out their routes, and make sure they are staying on task. You can also view real-time traffic, allowing you to find alternative routes for your driver’s so that they can get to jobs faster.
Other than increasing efficiency, the Smart Fleet helps manage safety. You can monitor your driver’s speeds, letting you be able to manage you team accordingly.


Alert Management

One way to manage a drivers speeds, idles, and off hour driving, is through our alerts. You can set up a predetermined speed threshold, idling time, and/or off hour time that you can be alerted to via email and/or text message!
With our alerting feature, you can also have your drivers alerted when they are idling too long, or speeding too fast. This then becomes a self-policing mechanism so they know that you know they’re doing something wrong.


Automated Reports

These reports can help you with your payroll and confirming billable hours. These reports can be sent to you automatically or pulled at any time. Imagine walking into your office in the morning and
knowing that your payroll is laid out already in an easy to read document.
The reports can let you know when your fleet leaves in the morning at the start of their day, and returns when they’re done. You can manage your team and make sure they’re leaving on time, and returning back when they’re supposed to.
Smart Fleet is a leader in vehicle tracking and mobile workforce management, and stands behind its services with free, automatic upgrades and 24×7 customer support.


Web-Based with Mobile Access

The web-based system is accessible not only through your desktop computer, bmapping w sfut through your mobile phones and your tablets.
In this day and age being able to manage your fleet on-the-go is vital to most business managers.
Smart Fleet offers an easy way to manage your fleet from the palm of your hand.
By combining cutting-edge technology with a simple and reliable web-based system, Smart Fleet delivers simple and affordable powerful workforce management for any sized organization.
Your team can be as small as one driver or as large as hundreds, maybe thousands of members. Managing them efficiently, safely, and effectively can be a hard task for anyone. Why not make it easier?
Smart Fleet lets you monitor the location and status of your fleet vehicles with one easy-to-use web interface, featuring dynamic maps, data layers, custom map overlays, historical reports (mileage, speeding, stop) and more!