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GPS Fleet Tracking System

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Support Drivers

Fleet managers need to get the best our of their GPS fleet tracking system to best support their employees. One of the best ways from employers to support their employees is through offering driver rewards. Driver rewards can be easily distributed with SmartScout Elite, but older systems can make rewarding drivers a hassle.

Deployment in the past was tricky, fleet managers were advised to monitor alerts themselves and keep track of how to distribute rewards. If fleet managers wanted to use gift cards, they also had to go out and buy them beforehand. In the busy world the comes with owning a fleet of vehicles, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do all that.

Easily Deploy Rewards

With SmartScout Elite’s GPS fleet tracking system, giving driver rewards has never been easier. SmartScout Elite scores all drivers on behaviors like idling, speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration. They’re scored automatically and you can review their scores in an easy-to-read portal online or via the mobile application. 

Once you see who is performing well, you can send them electronic gift cards right from the portal or mobile application. Drivers can receive their electronic gift cards through their email or through their own mobile application.  

Many studies have shown that smaller, but more frequent recognition has a lasting effect and not only changes driver behavior but also will help you retain your best performing drivers. You can reward drivers with gift cards to popular locations such as Walmart, Amazon, and Burger King, to name a few!

Identify Risky Drivers

Rewarding drivers on your GPS fleet tracking system has never been easier. But identifying risky drivers is now easy too. Seeing which drivers are consistently low on their driver scores can help you identify if someone in your team needs some driver coaching. As you know, your driver’s reflect you and your business, so you want them to be driving safely.

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