GPS Asset & Equipment Tracking

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Monitor your Valuable Assets – Anytime – Anywhere

Plant equipment, construction assets, and mobile assets are often vulnerable to theft or misuse when located at project sites that are often in remote locations. Managing the security of your valuable assets has never been easier or more affordable with our cost effective asset tracking solutions.

Theft Prevention

Smart Fleet’s GPS asset tracking allows your business to improve asset security and to monitor and manage valuable assets, wherever they are in the world.
Our slimline asset tracking devices are fitted securely to your mobile assets, such as plant equipment and freight, and allow you to easily monitor any movements or unauthorized use through our asset tracking software.
With the use of asset tracking, you will easily be able to track down any stolen equipment.
Asset tracking can save you thousands of dollars on replacing stolen equipment and then time of dealing with recovery.

Do you leave your equipment on job sites over night?

Our system offers a geo-fence feature made specifically for asset trackers. This geo-fence populates at 12 midnight and creates a 1 mile radius around the device. If the tracker moves outside of that fence, you will be alerted instantly, letting you know exactly where your assets are.
Smart Fleet’s asset tracking provides you with low-cost, but effective means in which to track your mobile assets giving you increased business confidence and peace of mind.