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GPS Tracking for School Buses

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When it comes to busing children to and from school, the main concern is safety.

Where are my children? Where are they going? Why are they late to the bus stop?

Parents are rightfully concerned with the location of their kids and GPS tracking on buses can help ease their minds.

If a parent calls the school, concerned that the bus is five or ten minutes late, you can easily pull up the web-based system and view the buses real-time location.

The system can show you traffic patterns and even provide you with suggested alternative routes.

GPS tracking for school buses is affordable and helps give parents peace at mind.

Tracking for school buses

GPS Fleet Tracking for Cable, Electric & Utilities Companies

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For Cable, Electric & Utilities companies, being on time to customer sites requires a good communication between fleet drivers and the dispatch team.

Smart Fleet GPS tracking software allows real-time vehicle displays and easy dispatching communications between drivers and fleet managers.

Our system can help your drivers meet response times and improve customer service.

It can also help dispatchers and managers answer the age old question of “Where are my vehicles?”

With Smart Fleet, you can always know where your fleet is and have seamless communication with them.

Trailer Tracking for Trucking Companies

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Trucking companies are often transporting expensive goods across states or even the country. The main thing business owners are concerned about is keeping the trailers safe.

Retrieving stolen trailers can be costly, both in the time it takes to locate stolen trucks and the cost of replacing the stolen trucks or goods.

Here are just a few benefits of GPS tracking for trailer tractors:

  • Real-time location of your trailer.
  • Ability to set up geo-fences around key locations, allowing you to know when your trucks arrive and depart certain locations.
  • If stationary, the vehicle will update the location every 24 hours.
  • Email and SMS alerts are available so you can know when your trucks are moving during unauthorized hours.

To find out more about GPS trailer tracking, click here.

Fleet GPS Tracking: Food & Beverage

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The food and beverage industry’s biggest worry is theft. Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods are lost due to stolen cargo, and the perishables that unfortunately expire during the search and recovery process.

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking is the technological solution that allows companies to follow and track their assets and help authorities track the location of stolen goods, saving you time and money.

We offer many alerts, but for food and beverage companies, the unauthorized movement and off hour movement are the most benefical.

Your assets could be stolen by a tow, but with unauthorized movement text and/or email alerts, you can instantly know when your asset is moving even when the ignition has never been turned on.

You can also set up off hour alerts, so that if your vehicles move past a certain time of the day, you can get an alert.

This means that you don’t need to sit behind a computer all day and watch your assets to make sure they’re safe. You can get alerts sent to you automatically, at any time of the day, so you can take action.truck w gps computer

Fleet Tracking for Towing Companies

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When you have vehicles responding to customer calls 24/7 who are towing anything from a broken down SUV to a brand new house, you want to make sure that your fleet is on time and are being safe.

For towing companies, tracking can help manage your team’s efficiency, making sure they get to jobs on time.

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking offers live traffic so your dispatchers can stay alert to traffic delays, have the ability to reroute routes, and to help keep the customer informed of potential delays. This makes your drivers happy and your customers happy.

Smart Fleet also provides alerts and reports to give you current and past vehicle diagnostics. This helps maintain things like vehicle maintenance, so your vehicles stay running at their best capacity.

Garmin integration is another feature that can be very beneficial to towing companies. Through Garmin, your drivers can get jobs right to their vehicles, and even send out a message once the job has been completed.

Smart Fleet Tracking helps towing companies manage time and overall efficiency.

Fleet GPS Tracking for Passenger Transport

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When transporting people from one point to another, safety is often the main concern. Whether it be bringing children to school on a school bus, or driving a family to the airport in a taxi cab, customer safety is on the mind.

One of the biggest things GPS tracking offers is the ability to track your driver’s speed.

The last thing you need is for a driver to be speeding through a residential or school zone. Even speeding on the highway can cause a big waste on fuel. Not only can you manage your fleet’s speed through alerts, but you can also manage their speed through daily, weekly, or monthly reports. This allows you to keep your team on track when it comes to safety.

Passenger transport business’s can benefit from Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking by the alerts and reports it offers, to make sure your driver’s are driving safe for themselves, and for the people they are transporting. passenger transport image

Fleet Tracking for Pest Control

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GPS tracking provides you with the knowledge of where your vehicle’s are at all times of the day. This can help you ensure that your team stays on schedule throughout the day, and help you give customer’s an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Another benefit, is proof of job completion. To some customer’s a one hour job can feel like twenty minutes. With the use of Smart Fleet’s system, you can pull up reports of your vehicle’s location and history. Giving you what driver was there, when, and how long they were at a location for.

It can give you that real time mapping you need to manage your team, and the history of every vehicle’s travels.

So while your team is out there taking care of the pests, we have you covered for the rest.

pest control image

Fleet Tracking for Landscaper’s

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In tree, lawn, garden, and snow removal industries, the constant vehicle usage can really pile up the fuel consumption.

Smart Fleet offers ways of monitoring that fuel consumption, by being able to get alerts to yourself and to your drivers when they’ve been idling too long.

You can set up your idling alerts for anytime, whether it be for 30 minutes or even 5.

Another benefit we offer geared towards our Landscaper’s is a “seasonal suspend” on our monthly purchase program.  During your off season when your vehicles are not in use, you shouldn’t have to pay the full price!

GPS tracking can keep you covered when you’re on the job, while we save you money on your off season.

Fleet Tracking for Building & Construction

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Building and construction companies need to excel in efficiency and productivity, while eradicating loss and cutting down on costs.

Smart Fleet offers an easy way to manage both trucks and heavy equipment on many construction sites by putting them on one screen.

Custom ‘geo-fences’ show drivers entering and leaving the work-site, which makes it easy for you to see exactly when your workers get to work and when they leave for the day.

The system offers ways of monitoring your vehicle’s ignition events, idling, and engine status (low battery).

By using Smart Fleet’s real-time tracking, building and constructions companies can quickly retrieve stolen trucks or assets, saving you money on equipment and the productivity time lost.

Fleet Tracking GPS for your Industry

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Here at Smart Fleet we understand that every industry is different.

Regardless, all industries could benefit from the same thing: GPS tracking.

Cutting back on idling, saving costs on fuel, helping build faster routes, and keeping your vehicle’s and assets safe are just a few ways that tracking could benefit you and your fleet.

Currently, GPS tracking is helping many different industries, such as:

  • Building & Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Passenger Transport
  • Towing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Trucking
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Utilities, Cable, & Electric
  • Government Vehicles

Curious to see how GPS tracking will benefit your specific industry? Look for Wednesday’s weekly posts highlighting your business!

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