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Mobile GPS Tracking

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With today’s on-the-go society, it’s necessary to be able to manage your fleet from outside the office.

Smart Fleet allows you to track your vehicle’s right from your mobile device.

Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can locate your vehicle’s exact location.

Not only this, but you can get alerts sent right to your phone, whether it be by email and/or text.

This allows your mind to be at ease while you are out of the office, because your entire fleet is right on the device inside your pocket. iphone blog w mobile app

Mobile GPS Tracking

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Most busy business owners or managers don’t have the luxury of sitting in their office all day monitoring a computer screen to keep an eye on their vehicle’s out in the field.

Smart Fleet’s mobile features make the GPS tracking experience much easier.

With features like real-time alerting to your phone, an easy to view map of your trucks, and the ability to pull vehicle history from the palm of your hand, GPS tracking has never been more accessible.

Smart Fleet’s mobile application let’s users see their vehicles from virtually anywhere.

GPS Fleet Tracking

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Smart Fleet gives you visibility of your vehicles and drivers in the field, delivering increased operational control, reduced risk, and lower costs.

By seeing your driver’s real-time location, you can map out their routes, and make sure they are staying on task. You can also view real-time traffic, allowing you to find alternative routes quickly for your drivers so that they can get to jobs faster and on time.

The web-based system is very user friendly, and even available on your mobile devices. You can manage your vehicle’s from the office, on the road, or even in your own home.

Smart Fleet’s GPS fleet tracking will help you manage your fleet and increase your bottom line!truck in space

Fleet Tracking Maintenance

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Keeping track of all your vehicles’ oil changes can get pretty time consuming.

Our GPS tracking system can offer an easy and simple way of keeping track of your entire fleets oil changes.

By putting in your vehicle’s mileage one time, your vehicle will then populate the current mileage from there.

You can then set up text and/or email alerts to know when you need to get your oil changed.

Instead of having to check your vehicle’s mileage to see if they’ve reached the mark, you can have an alert sent to you, or even your driver, to let you guys know it’s time to change the oil!

Integrate Garmin into your Fleet!

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Want to maximize the value of your GPS tracking systems and make your team happy at the same time? Integrate Garmin GPS tracking into your vehicles!

Garmin integration makes the lives of your dispatchers and your drivers much easier.

Dispatchers can use Garmin to send job information and destination routes to the drivers. With the use of Garmin you can track jobs, get real-time messages, statuses, updates and completed jobs.

The result of integrating Garmin into your fleet? Less time wasted and more productivity gained.


Mobile GPS Tracking

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Are you constantly on the go? You don’t think GPS tracking would work for you because you aren’t always at your desk?

Well, Smart Fleet offers a mobile app which can help you view and track your fleet from anywhere you have your phone and an internet connection.

With the mobile app you can get real time alerts, updates, and a location for your fleet.

The mobile app is a great way for busy business leader’s to manage their fleet on the go.

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