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Mobile GPS Tracking

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In today’s fast-moving industry, having your GPS tracking system work on your cell phone is vital.

Smart Fleet’s mobile viewer is great for when you’re on-the-go but still need to know the location of the vehicle’s in your fleet.

You can’t always rely on being behind a desk to track your fleet.

You can login right to your mobile viewer by visiting our client login page, where you can also find helpful instruction on how to save it to your phone’s home screen!

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GPS Asset Tracking

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Tracking your assets can be a pain.

Having multiple assets at varying locations can make it seem nearly impossible to always know where they are. Thankfully, with Smart Fleet GPS you can!

Asset tracking helps put your mind at ease, offering you pings during movements, auto location when stationary, and alerts if they move outside a predetermined geo-fence.

Keeping your assets, and your worries, at ease is what Smart Fleet GPS can offer you!


Fleet Tracking & Garmin Integration

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Is you fleet currently using Garmin devices? If so, then Smart Fleet has some good news!

Through our Smart Fleet Prime program, you can track your vehicles and integrate your Garmin devices into the system.

Combing Garmin and fleet tracking can help you schedule jobs and dispatch right from the GPS tracking portal.

You can send job information and routes directly to your drivers, while fleet managers can manage all driver status’, updates, and completed jobs.

Give us a call at 732-722-7725 to schedule a free live demo to see if Smart Fleet Prime is right for you!  

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Fleet Tracking Reports

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Smart Fleet GPS offers many different sophisticated and helpful reports.

Many reports can help you manage your payroll and billable hours.

These reports can make a managers life easier and help with efficiency within the workplace.

There are many different GPS Reports that Smart Fleet offers, find the one that’s the best for you!

Trip Details EZ Report


Fleet GPS Tracking – Plug & Play Devices

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Implementing GPS tracking into your fleet has never been easier! Smart Fleet now offers plug & play devices.

These new units plug right into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, allowing for quick and easy installation.

If you’re concerned with driver’s unplugging the units, Smart Fleet has the solution.

We can send you torque seal at no cost. Torque shares the same consistency as a nail polish. You just drop some of the vibrant colored torque where the unit meets your OBD-II port and it creates a visible seal.

If your driver’s unplug the units, you can get an instant alert to your phone/email, and visible evidence that the unit was unplugged.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

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Increasing productivity while also reducing operating costs is a must have for any fleet owners trying to compete in today’s industry.

Equipping your fleet with easy-to-install plug&play devices makes tracking the location of your fleet effortless.

Utilizing GPS tracking into your fleet can also reduce fuel costs, minimize idle times and speeding, and help ensure vehicle/cargo security.


Fleet Tracking Dispatching

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Smart Fleet offers the ability to dispatch a vehicle right from the tracking system, directly to a driver’s cell phone.

Trying to schedule a last minute job or a new high priority job can be difficult, but with Smart Fleet you can quickly type in an address, locate the closest vehicle in your fleet, and send them to the job.

You can dispatch via email and/or text message, with the options to use Google or Apple maps for directions to the job.

Smart Fleet’s dispatching feature is a great tool for any fleet looking to quickly and easily get a job scheduled. EZFLEET BIGGER 2

Fleet Tracking Programs

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Smart Fleet offers multiple programs on different tracking platforms to give you the best tracking experience.

Smart Fleet gives you the option of selecting different payment options to best suit your needs and give you the most competitive rates to choose from.

As well as payment and platform options, you also have the ability to choose the device type you’d like to track your fleet with.

Smart Fleet offers both plug & play tracking devices as well as hard wired tracking units.

Smart Fleet has many different programs and options that best suit your needs!

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Fleet Tracking – Visual History

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Through the Smart Scout system, you are able to see a visual history of your vehicle’s travels.

As well as a written history of your vehicle’s history, Smart Scout also offers a visual tool so you can watch your truck traveling to each location.

Having a visual summary of any vehicle’s travel in your fleet is a quick and easy way to confirm the locations, stops, and travel history!

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