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GPS Fleet Tracking – Asset and Equipment Tracking

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GPS tracking is not only for the vehicles in your fleet! Smart Fleet also offers asset and equipment tracking!

Our devices can be installed into mobile assets such as site equipment and freight.  GPS tracking is one of the best ways to monitor equipment left at sites when you cannot be there to monitor it in person!

With multiple plans available, asset and equipment tracking can be a cheap and effective way to oversee your job site.  Don’t go home tonight worrying about what’s happening with your equipment, give us a call and and we will give you peace of mind!


Heating up with Fleet GPS Tracking

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The summer heat is nearly upon on us and that can mean a lot of things for fleet managers.

The first thing that the heat can do is increase your drivers idle time.

When the sun is pounding down and the sweat is starting to sink in, your drivers are going to want to keep that cool AC running. This can lead to wasted fuel and it can even damage your vehicle’s engine.

For every half hour spent idling, it’s a half a gallon of gas wasted. Gas prices are steadily climbing, meaning more money lost.

With Smart Fleet’s helpful idling alerts, fleet managers can virtually sit in the passenger seat of your driver’s vehicles’.

Click here for more information on vehicle alerts!

Another thing that happens is stress.

The average workday can cause stress on anyone, but add the factor of heat and dehydration and it can amplify it.

When drivers are stressed, it can cause them to speed or drive erratically (short stops, harsh braking, etc).

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking offers a way to manage your driver’s speed and their driving behavior.

The summer brings the heat and Smart Fleet is here to help you battle it.


GPS Fleet Tracking: Helping Dispatchers

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Fleet dispatching is one of the most important jobs when it comes to running the team efficiently and effectively.

Giving verbal directions over the phone can be a difficult and often frustrating task. It can lead to wrong turns, confusion, and wasted time and efforts.

With Smart Fleet GPS Tracking, dispatchers can easily send directions to their drivers.

Dispatchers can point and click to a location on a map or type in an address. Once they do this, they can find the nearest vehicle to that exact location. Then, it can alert that vehicle with in depth directions of how to get to that address. dispathcers pic

Fleet Tracking GPS: Off Hour Alerts

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Smart Fleet GPS tracking offers and abundance of alerts. One of our best alerts for business managers is our off hour alert.

With the off hour alert, you can set up a time frame for when your drivers are allowed to be driving. If they drive anytime past the threshold you give them, you will be instantly alerted via text and/or email.

For example, you do not allow your driver’s to drive the vehicles out on the weekend. If any of your drivers were to drive at anytime during the weekend, you would get an alert.

This allows business owners and fleet managers to be able to easily and efficiently know if their fleet is driving when they aren’t supposed to be.

When your vehicles are moving around when they aren’t supposed to be, you’re losing gas and money.

Off hour alerts can help you manage your team and your fuel, saving you money and overall helping to increase your bottom line.

Fleet Tracking Software: The Ever Changing Technology

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Technology is always advancing and improving.

With GPS tracking software, the technology is advancing in a way so that customer’s can manage their fleets easier and can have more customization options to fit their specific needs.

Here at Smart Fleet we’re constantly trying to improve the system for your GPS tracking.

The upgraded systems are always free and included in every customer’s account.

As always, when the technology does update, if you have any questions, you can give us a call and we can even schedule you for a free training session!

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Fleet Tracking & Fleet Management

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Ever wonder if your fleet would act any differently with you sitting in their passenger seat all day?

GPS tracking allows you to do this without you ever having to leave your office. The system lets you virtually sit with ever member of your team throughout their workday.

You can monitor their speeds, their idling, and their off hour driving, while also being able to receive reports that can help you with payroll and with confirming billable hours.

Every manager wants their team to be performing at their highest ability 24/7. This system lets you know who is doing their best, and alerts those who need to step up their game.

This makes a your day easier, and a fleet’s day well managed.

Free Training for Existing and New Customers

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Are you an existing customer having trouble moving throughout the user interface? Not sure how to set up alerts or reports? Or do you just want to become more familiar with the system?

Are you a new customer looking for an in-depth training session to get you familiar with the interface?

Well, we’ve got you covered!

With a quick call to 866-477-6689 we can have you scheduled for your one on one training in no time.

You can have as many people from your company in the training as you want, and you can schedule as many training sessions as you want, for no additional cost.

You can also call in with any questions at any time and we’ll be here to help you find the answers.

Spring into Action with Fleet Tracking!

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The days are finally getting longer and for some, the weather is finally starting to warm up.

Before that summer heat starts to hit your fleet, consider some of the benefits of fleet GPS tracking:

It can alert you and your driver when they’ve been idling with the air blasting, cutting back on fuel costs.

It can let you know if one of your team members takes a trip to the beach on the weekend with your vehicle, allowing you be able to manage your fleet efficiently.

It can allow you to be the passenger in every member of your fleet’s vehicle, without ever having to step foot out of the office.

For more information regarding to fleet tracking, please email or call us at 866-477-6689!spring time photo DONE

Deploying Fleet Tracking with Minimal Employee Resistance

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Launch Your New GPS System with Incentives

Launch your new system in a positive manner by rewarding your team for good driving behaviors. You could offer gift cards or cash incentives each month to the drivers for having the lowest idle time or having the lowest amount of speed of alerts. This enforces good driving behaviors while making it a fun team event.

Insurance Discounts

Insurance carriers provide 10 to 20% discounts to companies whose fleets have GPS tracking on them. Why not take advantage of savings where savings are present?

Your Top Employees Will Love It

Every company has their best, and unfortunately their worst employees. The best employees sometimes get caught pulling the weight of the worst. What better way to push those “lazier” workers than to have them know that there idles, speeding, and restricted locations are being reported to their boss. A tracking system will ensure that all members of the team pull their own weight and improve productivity in the workplace.