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Fleet Tracking GPS

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Smart Fleet offers alerts that give you the ability to manage and monitor your fleet.

One of our most used alerts is our idling alert. This alert allows you to get emailed and/or texted when someone in your fleet idles over a per-determinded threshold you set up.

For example, if you set your idle threshold to 20 minutes, anytime anyone in your fleet is idling for longer than 20 minutes, you’ll get an alert!

This allows you to track and manage your fleets idling, saving you money on gas.

Fleet Tracking

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Managing your fleet’s speed can seem like a difficult task. You can’t possibly monitor if one of your driver’s is exceeding 75, 80, even 90 MPH let alone your entire fleet.

Think again!

With Smart Fleet, you can set customized alerts to track your fleet’s speed.

If you’re concerned with your driver’s exceeding a certain speed, you can set up an alert so that anytime anyone in your fleet surpasses that speed, you will get an email and/or text message instantaneously.

Don’t want your phone/email to be bombarded with alerts of your driver’s excessive speeding? You can get a report sent over to you daily, weekly, or monthly that summarizes who sped the most, what their high speeds were, and when and where they were speeding.

With these reports and alerts, managing your fleet’s speeding has never been easier!

speeding alert report

Fleet Tracking Management – Off Hour Alerts

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Do your drivers take the vehicles home after work? Have them for the weekends?

If your drivers do take the vehicles home on nights and weekends then our off hour alerts are perfect for you.

Anytime your driver is driving after work hours, or on weekends when they are not supposed to be, you can get an alert instantly via text and/or email.

This helps you save money on fuel, manage fleet behavior, and extends vehicle life.

Smart Fleet offers many alerts that can be beneficial to managing your fleet. off hour alerting image

GPS Tracking Solutions

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One of the many ways Smart Fleet can help increase your bottom line is through extending the life of your service vehicles.

By monitoring and curbing your fleet’s idling, speeding, and unauthorized movement through Smart Fleet’s alerts, you can significantly increase the life of your vehicles.

Another major benefit that our system offers, is maintenance alerts.

Maintenance alerts can monitor when your vehicle is ready for an oil change, vehicle inspections, and tire rotations.

Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking solutions can keep you up to date on when your vehicle needs to be serviced, so you can increase the life of your vehicle. EXTEND VEHICLE LIFE

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Speeding is a big issue in any sized fleet. It’s nearly impossible to monitor the speeds of every vehicle out on the road, unless you have GPS tracking of course!

With Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking, you can set a predetermined alert threshold to get emails and/or text messages sent to you when your vehicle’s are speeding.

Speeding is a dangerous hazard that can put wear and tear on a vehicle, lead to unwanted accidents, and unwanted lawsuits.

With our speeding alert tracking solution, you have the power to know when your vehicles are speeding, allowing you to take action.REDUCE SPEEDING

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Do your driver’s take the vehicle’s home on weekends? Are they allowed for personal use, like trips to beach or a weekend concert?

If they aren’t allowed for personal use, then off hour alerts are one of the many features that Smart Fleet offers that can help increase your bottom line.

Odd hour alerts ensure that employees are not using vehicles for personal use, therefore saving on gasoline, as well as extending the life of your service vehicles.

Smart Fleet has many GPS tracking solutions that can help you save money.

curb unauthorized movement

GPS Tracking Alerts

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Smart Fleet offers many alerts that can help with saving money, with safety, and in management.

Our vehicle maintenance alert can help with all three, as allows you to keep each vehicle in your fleet in check.

You can manage your vehicles, save money by keeping them maintained, and keep your fleet safe.

Smart Fleet has many alerts to offer, all to the benefit of fleet managers.

Fleet Tracking: Cutting Down on Fuel Costs

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Fuel costs can have a big impact on a fleet’s bottom line.

Here are a few tips for saving on fuel:

First, keep your vehicles well maintained. Things like tire pressure and getting your vehicle’s serviced on time can impact the vehicle’s fuel intake. To help you keep your vehicle’s maintenance in check, Smart Fleet offers alerts to keep you on track with each vehicle’s individual maintenance schedule.

Secondly, reducing idle times. It may seem nearly impossible to keep track of your fleet’s idling once they’re off on the road, but Smart Fleet has sophisticated idling alerts to help update you on your fleet’s idling. This allows you to discipline workers and cut down on fuel usage.

When it comes to reducing fuel usage and increasing your bottom line, Smart Fleet has you covered.

For more information on Smart Fleet’s alerts, click here!

Heating up with Fleet GPS Tracking

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The summer heat is nearly upon on us and that can mean a lot of things for fleet managers.

The first thing that the heat can do is increase your drivers idle time.

When the sun is pounding down and the sweat is starting to sink in, your drivers are going to want to keep that cool AC running. This can lead to wasted fuel and it can even damage your vehicle’s engine.

For every half hour spent idling, it’s a half a gallon of gas wasted. Gas prices are steadily climbing, meaning more money lost.

With Smart Fleet’s helpful idling alerts, fleet managers can virtually sit in the passenger seat of your driver’s vehicles’.

Click here for more information on vehicle alerts!

Another thing that happens is stress.

The average workday can cause stress on anyone, but add the factor of heat and dehydration and it can amplify it.

When drivers are stressed, it can cause them to speed or drive erratically (short stops, harsh braking, etc).

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking offers a way to manage your driver’s speed and their driving behavior.

The summer brings the heat and Smart Fleet is here to help you battle it.


Fleet Tracking: Speed Alerts

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Speeding can be a big problem in any sized fleet. It wastes fuel, loses you money, and can pose as a safety issue. It can be very difficult to manage even one of your driver’s bad speeding behaviors.

Smart Fleet makes it easy.

With Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking and alerts feature, you can set up custom alerts to help curb your driver’s speeding.

You can set speed thresholds so you can be texted and/or emailed the moment your driver exceeds a certain speed.

This makes it easier for you to know who is wasting your fuel and who is putting others at risk.

This lets you easy discipline your drivers and help them understand the costly and dangerous behavior of speeding.