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Electronic Driver Logs (ELD)

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Smart Fleet now has Electronic Driver Logs (or Electronic Logging Devices – ELD).  These ELD devices pass all government regulations and standards.  Why get in trouble for being behind code when Smart Fleet makes ELD so easy!  Call today for a live demo and more information! 732- 722-7725

Smart Fleet Prime Integrations

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Smart Fleet Prime has already established integrations with many companies.  The established integrations making combining your most used programs even easier!  Simply provide both companies with your login information, and they do the rest! Want to integrate with a company not yet on this list?  We can provide you with an open API for easy integration!

integration1 integration2 integration3

Smart Fleet Prime Fuel Card

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logo_smartfleet_primeSmart Fleet Prime has fuel card integrations!  Through our fuel card integrations, you can see when and where your vehicles filled up, how much, how often, and what type of fuel!  Our system can even alert you if the fuel card is used on something other than fuel or if the vehicle was not near for the transaction!  With integrations with Wex, Fleetcor, Comdata, and Voyager it’ll be easy to find the right fuel card for you!


Smart & EZ

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Smart & EZ is one of our newest systems.  This system offers 1 minute tracking, turn by turn updates, as well as lifetime warranty on all devices.  Through Smart & EZ you can integrate with fuel cards, Jonas Construction, and workforce management.  This open API allows you to easily integrate any system you see fit!  This system is as easy as the name implies!  Call Smart Fleet today for a live demo! 732-722-7725

EZmobile EZM2 EZMEZ Maintenance Capture534

Smart Fleet NSpire

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On our traditional Smart Fleet system you will use the NSpire platform.  Newly designed, this system has lasted the test of time.  Around for over 15 years, this system was built to last.  Some advantages on this system are clickable hyperlinks in reports, calculated stop times in breadcrumb trails, and detailed location history.  Web and mobile login are both available.  Call Smart Fleet today for a live demo of the system! 732-722-7725

Nspire Mobile Nspire Mobile - moving Nspire report

Smart Fleet Prime

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Smart Fleet Prime is one of our more intensive platforms.  We offer both standard and pro programs.  On Prime, customers have the best customer service in the industry with en extensive knowledge library to assist you in anything you may need help with.  They have an app that walks you through installation to make sure everything is correct and verify each step.  They are one of the few platforms with a true mobile application.  Plug and play devices on Prime can give you diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to aid in diagnostics of your vehicle to make repairs a breeze.  Prime integrates with multiple fuel cards and workforce manage systems.  To learn more, call Smart Fleet today! 732-722-7725

primem3 Primem2 PrimeMFuel Card Integration Image Prime Site

Trailer Tracking

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SUN WITH TRUCKSmart Fleet has trailer tracking too!

Trailer tracking is a great way to keep an eye on those trailers and cargo!

Some of the benefits of tracking your trailers include:

  • Email and text alerts to let you know of any unauthorized movement of your trailers
  • The system will update you every 24 of the location if the trailer does not move
  • You will be able to set up geo-fences around locations allowing you to know when your trailer arrives and departs from these locations
  • Real time tracking of your trailer

Call Smart Fleet today to see how you can help you! 732-722-7725


Asset Tracking

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asset tracker w sf colorSmart Fleet not only monitors your vehicles but your assets too!

Asset tracking is perfect for any assets or equipment you leave at job sites overnight.

Tracking is the best way to prevent theft of equipment that is left overnight.  Many customers find that these assets are common targets because they are left at job sites, Smart Fleet eliminates that threat!

Call us today to see how we can protect your assets and equipment! 732-722-7725

Garmin Integration

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garmin mapSmart Fleet integrates with Garmin devices on our Smart Fleet Prime system!

Through this integration, you can send messages and directions right to your vehicles Garmin devices.

Smart Fleet Prime monitors these devices and help with any issues you may have with connection.  The devices actually alert the system if they are not working properly, and we can resolve the issue before you even know you have one!

Call Smart Fleet today to integrate your Garmin devices! 732-722-7725

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t See

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You can’t manage what you can’t see!

If you don’t know what your vehicles and drivers are doing throughout the day, how are you managing your fleet?

The best way to manage the situation is to be in control of it.  With our GPS tracking you can see what your vehicles are doing throughout the day.  This is the best way to fit in emergency calls or last minute and end of the day work!

Call today to see how we can help you manage your fleet! 732-722-7725