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Fuel Savings

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reduce fuel usageOne of the first changes our customers tend to notice is the fuel savings!

With reduced idling and personal usages, many companies see an increase in fuel savings almost immediately!

Listen to how one of our customers saved:

“It was one of the best investments I have ever made. It helped me reduce personal miles, gas expenses, and prevent side jobs.”  –  Jeff Solida, Solida Tree Service, Phillipsburg, KS

“This technology has helped reduce our fuel consumption by 40% by reducing unauthorized personal use, improved routing, and reduced idling time.”  – Lanzo Plumbing and Heating, Hackensack, NJ


Tow Trucks

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Smart Fleet GPS tracking is a great solution for tow trucks and towing companies! Not only can you track your drivers routes and stops, but you can hook up inputs to monitor when you tow is in use with high and low functions. These inputs can be sent to you in an alert to know whenever one of your trucks has picked up a vehicles!


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2500 cropped transparentSmart Fleet offers hardwired units to install behind the dash of the vehicle.

These devices are installed with a simple 3 wire installation – red connects to constant power, white to ignition, and black is grounded to the chassis.   Many of our customers are able to install these devices themselves.  However, we also offer professional installation for a small fee and installation guides at no cost.

Hardwired units are the original GPS tracking device that have withstood the test of time.  Many customers prefer the fact that they are tucked away and cannot easily be tampered with.


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Smart Fleet does not believe in a sell & done method of sales!

After you are sold a product from Smart Fleet, we reach out to make sure you are doing alright on the system and answer any questions.  Not only do we follow up, but we provide training to anyone in your company who may use the system!  We can either do group training, or multiple one on one sessions.

Through our training, we show you how to set up reports, alerts, drivers, and dispatching.


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oil-change-36096_960_720Smart Fleet GPS Tracking is a great way to remember preventative maintenance!

With both maintenance alerts and reports, customers can be reminded to complete their maintenance!gear-wheel-310906_960_720

Maintenance alerts can be set by either distance or time depending on the type of maintenance you want to be reminded.  Oil changes, state inspections, and tire rotations can all be made easier!

Not only can you be alerted when your vehicle is due, by using our ‘Upcoming Maintenance Report’ you view how far out each vehicle is from their next maintenance requirement.

Don’t let preventative maintenance slip by!