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We understand that it looks bad for you when your drivers are speeding.  To help with this, we have a few different features!REDUCE SPEEDING

Right on your map, your drivers speed is listed next to their status so you can see how fast they are going at all times with just a glance!  We also have speeding alerts.  These alerts can be set relative to the speed limit or at a threshold.

Speed limit alerts are good to know when your drivers are speeding in lower speed limit zones such as a school zone or neighborhood.  Speed threshold alerts are good for know if you drivers are speeding over a certain threshold, such as 80 mph.

Reports can also be ran to see speed alerts and monitor speeding.

Customer Testimonials

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We can tell you all day how great we think our system is, but the best praise come from our customers!

“It was one of the best investments I have ever made. It helped me reduce personal miles, gas expenses, and prevent side jobs.” –  Jeff Solida, Solida Tree Service, Phillipsburg, KS

“This technology has helped reduce our fuel consumption by 40% by reducing unauthorized personal use, improved routing, and reduced idling time.”  – Lanzo Plumbing and Heating, Hackensack, NJ

“We recently had a company vehicle stolen from one of our on-call service technician’s home. When he went to get into his vehicle, it was gone! He called me and I was able to pull up our Smart Fleet dashboard and locate our vehicle. I was a bit anxious watching it drive all over the city in some very sketchy areas known for drug use and gang activity. When the vehicle came to stop and the ignition was turned off, I called it into our Sheriff’s department and gave them the address. The Sheriff’s department sent an officer to the address and found our vehicle there in less than an hour. Although we have not recovered all of the service tools, we are very thankful to have recovered our vehicle.”  – Rick Speir, Speir Heating and Air, Warner Robins, GA

“We love your system and sing praises to all our friends in the construction business.”  – Kathy Hope, M&K Heating & Cooling, Las Vegas, NV

Current Testimonial

Covert Units

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searching websiteSmart Fleet gives you the options to install your units covertly!

With covert units, you drivers won’t even know they are there!

We have found, when units are covert, employers get the most accurate representation of how their drivers behavior on an average day.

While most employers do eventually tell their employees, installing units covertly to start off is a great way to monitor the changes that are made!

Government Vehicles

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Tracking for school busesSmart Fleet is a great way to keep track of all vehicles, including government vehicles!

We have a few towns who use in their Firetrucks, Ambulances, and Police vehicles!  This is a great way to keep your public officers honest, and be sure they are driving safe as well!

School buses are another area where GPS can greatly benefit!  Everyone worries for the safety of their child, let the parents rest assured by tracking their drivers to be sure they are obeying the rules of the road!

Real Time Tracking

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At Smart Fleet, we believe when you check on your vehicles, you want to see where they are now!  To aide with this, we offer real time tracking!

Our systems track as often as every 5 seconds!  That lets you know where you vehicles are every minute of the day!  That is as close to real time tracking as it gets!

Call Smart Fleet today to track your trucks!

Plug & Play Devices

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ex fleet pnp sf colorSmart Fleet offers plug & play devices!

These devices allow you to simply the plug the unit in, and forget about it!  Virtually no installation required!

Plug & play devices plug directly into the vehicles OBD-II port, which is the same port mechanics use for diagnostics.    OBD-II ports are in light and medium duty vehicles from 1996 an on.  Don’t know if your vehicle has an OBD-II port?  Give us a call!  We can check the compatibility for most vehicles!


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stop signSmart Fleet has specialized alerts and reports to keep track of your drivers stops!

Keeping tracking of stops help you manage when you drivers arrive and leave locations.   To help you do this, we have stop alerts to let you know if a vehicle is stopped for more than the threshold of time you set!  You can also run reports to see how long each vehicle stopped at each location.  This is a great way to see even those short stops that could have been missed!



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Smautomated reportsart Fleet has reports on all of their systems that can be ran as needed to automated to send out periodically!

Reports are an easy way to check billable hours and confirm payroll.  They can let you know how long vehicles were stopped at each location, when they arrived and left, alerts that triggered, state mileage, and vehicle history.

All reports are available in either CSV or PDF format.  These can be ran each time you need them, or you even have the option to have them emailed to you daily, weekly, or monthly!


Off Hour Alerts

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off hour alerting imageDo your drivers take their vehicles home on nights on weekends?  Do they use the company vehicle for personal usage after hours?

Smart Fleet has off hour alerts to let you know as soon as vehicle is started after hours!

You are able to program the hours you would like to be alerted.  Once an ignition is turned on during these times, you will receive an immediate alert to let you know!