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REDUCE SPEEDINGSmart Fleet provides safety and peace of mind for you, your drivers, and everyone else on the road!

Our system allows you to monitor speed, driver behavior, and incidents!  This give you the feeling that you are riding right in the passenger seat!

Knowing they are monitored, drivers are most likely to be on the best behavior and refrain from speeding or hard breaking/acceleration.  You can even be alerted as soon as one of these events occur!  Many customers choose to have the driver themselves notified.  This let them know you are watching and know they are misbehaving!

Call today for a demo of the system! 732-722-7725!

Smart Fleet Jonas Integration

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Smart Fleet understands the best way to use GPS tracking is adjacent to software you already use.  Because of this, we have officially integrated with Jonas Construction Software!

Through this integration, customers will be able to see their vehicles and Smart Fleet map right on their Jonas dispatching board!

See the testimonial below from one of our existing customers who is loving this integration!

Current Testimonial



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Most of our customer are HVAC contractors.  We have found our GPS tracking solution to be the perfect addition to their fleet management routine!

Smart Fleet is a great way to verify billable hours, confirm payroll, and settle customer disputes!

We are recognized in the HVAC industry as partners to many HVAC supplies including Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Amana, and Daikin!

carrier bryant

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smart fleet red trailer truckSmart Fleet is the perfect solution for tracking companies!

Our GPS tracking allows you to virtually ride along in the passenger seat!

You can keep track of hours driven, state mileage, and length of stops, all right from your computer or phone!

Not only do we handle GPS tracking, we also supply ELD devices for long haul companies!



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Thought GPS tracking was only to know where your vehicles are?  Think again!

Smart Fleet also offers dispatching to help you plan ahead and see who is nearest to a last minute job!

With our dispatching, you can see which vehicles are near and send directions to the driver via either text or email!  The directions can be opened in either Google or Apple maps on their phones for the turn by turn route assist!

Call today to see the system! 732-722-7725EZ Dispatching


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smart fleet red trailer truckNeed ELD to comply with recent department of transportation amendment?  Smart Fleet is the place to go!

We have ELD that is ccompatible with Android tablets and is managed right through your GPS tracking map!

With these items going hand-in-hand, why not get them from the same place?


Theft Prevention

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no theft sfOne of the largest benefits of GPS tracking is theft prevention!Theft Prevention

Many companies have been able to recover stolen vehicles, parts, and equipment by retracing the stops on our software!  We often have police call us during theft cases for our records, which have stood up in court in our customers defense!

Don’t believe it?  Listen to our customers who were able to recover a stolen vehicle using our software!

“We recently had a company vehicle stolen from one of our on-call service technician’s home. When he went to get into his vehicle, it was gone! He called me and I was able to pull up our Smart Fleet dashboard and locate our vehicle. I was a bit anxious watching it drive all over the city in some very sketchy areas known for drug use and gang activity. When the vehicle came to stop and the ignition was turned off, I called it into our Sheriff’s department and gave them the address. The Sheriff’s department sent an officer to the address and found our vehicle there in less than an hour. Although we have not recovered all of the service tools, we are very thankful to have recovered our vehicle.” – Rick Speir, Speir Heating and Air, Warner Robins, GA




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Did you know that for every hour a work van idles a half a gallon of gas is wasted?

Smart Fleet can help with that problem!  We have idling alerts to let you know instantly, whenever your vehicles are idling!

You are able to set the threshold yourself.  While most customers choose 10 minutes, you can choose any time you would like!

To see a demo of the system or find out more information, give us a call at 732-722-7725!

no idle

Smart Fleet Integrations

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We believe tracking should be easy, not another job!  With this in mind, we integrate with multiple other software providers to make your job easier and see everything on one screen!

We already have integrations with fuel cards, ELD, Jonas Construction Software, and Field Pulse workforce management.  We are currently working on our integrations with Service Titan and Field Edge.

Not sure if we integrate with a system you use? Just ask!  We can check if our software already has an integration written or in progress.  For anything that is not already completed, we have an open API to make any integration possible!