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Demo Units

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Unsure if our service will work in your area?  Smart Fleet can send you a free demo unit to try before you buy!

We will ship a unit right over to you and get you set up on the system to log in and track your unit.  You can demo the system for 2 weeks before deciding.  At the end of the 2 weeks, we will send you a label to ship the unit back to us.

Call us today to set up for your demo! 732-722-7725

Installation Guides

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Smart Fleet offers installation guides to all customers at no charge.

These installation guides help to show a customer the correct way to install a unit.

Many customers also choose to call us during their installation, this way we can verify the installation as it is happening to avoid having to go back in.

These installation guides are provided by the manufacturers with the optimal installation instructions and tips!


Hardwired Devices

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With plug and play devices on the rise, some customers still prefer hardwired devices.  Smart Fleet understands and sells these devices as well to fit your needs.

Some customers prefer the certainty of a hardwired devices and knowing it is difficult to unplug.  We understand this and sell different devices for this reason.

These devices are installed with a simple 3 wire install.  If you are not ready to install yourself, Smart Fleet offers professional installation!

Whatever device best fits your company, Smart Fleet accommodates!

Call today to order your units! 732-722-7725

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Theft Prevention

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GPS Tracking is a great way to prevent vehicle theft!

Smart Fleet has had multiple customers able to retrieve not just their stolen vehicles, but the products on the vehicles using our system!

Customers are easily able to see where their vehicles are.  Police are able to use our reports to go to addresses and regain the vehicle and arrest guilty parties.

Don’t leave yourself susceptible, call us today! 732-722-7725

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Idle Alerts

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Did you know that for every hour a vehicle idles it’s a 1/2 gallon of gas wasted!

Many drivers start their vehicles and let them run in the winter and summer months to keep their car at a comfortable temperature.  This idling is costing you money!

Idle alerts let you know when a vehicle has been idling for a predetermined amount of time.  This time can be changed based upon your companies needs.

Many customers have chosen to have both themselves and their employees alerts when idling.  This lets them know that you know!

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Speed Alerts

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Speed alerts now come in 2 forms!

There is the old fashioned speed threshold alert.  This lets you know if your vehicles go over a certain MPH, such as 80 MPH.

The newest type is a speed limit alert.  With these alerts, you can be alerted if a vehicle is going a certain MPH over the speed limit.

This is a great way to keep an eye on your vehicle and not just rely on them going on a highway!

Speed alerts help keep everyone safe!


Smart Fleet is Nationwide!

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Smart Fleet is now in 43 states, Washington D.C., and Canada!

With customers throughout the country, there’s probably one right near you!

Unsure if tracking will work in your area?  Call us today and we can show you customers near by who are happily using or tracking.  If we don’t have a customer in your area, we can send you a demo at no charge!  You can test out our service before you buy it!

Call Smart Fleet today to see how we can help you! 732-722-7725