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Improve Driver Behavior

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Smart Fleet helps you improve driver behavior!

On our Smart & EZ system, you can easily monitor driver behavior! Harsh braking, harsh acceleration, hard right, and hard left turns are all documented in the system for you to look back and see.

You have the option of receiving driver behavior alerts or pulling a driver behavior report.  This would let you know of harsh movements, speeding, or idling.  You can also always view these events in the system.

Many customers have let their drivers have competitions to see who has the least driver behavior offenses after a month.  You can give them a prize for their increased effort, and still save money on their safety!

Driver Behavior


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Smart Fleet offers reports on every system!

Reports have the option of being pulled as needed or emailed automatically daily, weekly, or monthly.

All reports can be exported in either Excel, PDF, or HTML formal.  These options make reports accessible to easily to every customer.

With automated reports, we make tracking easy and take the job out of it!


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Smart Fleet sells Y-Cables or OBD-II splitters to hide your plug and play devices behind the dash!

These cables are a convenient way to use plug and play devices and still hide them.  The cable can be plugged into the vehicles port on one end and the unit on the other.  This leaves a spare port open for the mechanics to use or so the driver doesn’t even see the unit!

These are common in vehicles where the OBD-II port is an a place that would be easily hit by the drivers foot or knee.

ycable 2 y-cables

Plug and Play

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Smart Fleet has plug and play devices on all 3 platforms!

These plug and play devices plug directly into the vehicles OBD-II port.  This is the same port that mechanics use for diagnostics.  We simply pull power from it.

By using plug and play devices, you can eliminate the hassle of installation!

Worried about devices being seen?  Try one our Y-Cable/OBD-II splitter cables!


Google Maps

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Powered by Google MapsSmart Fleet uses Google maps on all 3 platforms!

Google maps are reliable and well known.  Most customers have used Google maps before every turning to GPS.

This familiarity in the system leads to learning the system quickly and easily.

There’s no reason not to call! 732-722-7725


After Hour Alerts

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Do you drivers take their vehicles home at night?  Are you worried about personal use and side jobs?

Smart Fleet has the answer!

With after hour alerts, you can be alerted if your vehicle is used after the hours you permit.

Not only is this good for cutting down on personal use, but can also alert you if a vehicle is being stolen!

off hour alerting image

Smart Fleet Alerts

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Smart Fleet has an array of alerts on every system!

These alerts are instantaneous ways of know if something happens.  From idling, speeding, to after hours, these alerts can let you know the second one of these events occur.

All alerts can be received via text or email and can be sent to as many recipients as you would like like!

Smart Fleet Service

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Here at Smart Fleet, we value our customers!  To show our appreciation, we like to offer the very best service to each customer.

All service requests can be made through email, phone, or website chat.  Our service team will respond quickly to get your issues resolved.

Any units that cannot be resolved within a timely manner will be replaced.  If you are having an issue with any of your Smart Fleet devices please call 732-722-7725 or email to let our team know!

Smart Fleet Training

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At Smart Fleet we like to make sure our customers are happy.  We don’t stop at a sale!

After units are installed and customers have a chance to look around, we reach out to train you on the system.  We do multiple trainings if needed with as many employees as you would like!

Through these training sessions, customers are able to get to know the system and ask any questions they may have.  If you still have questions after your training, feel free to call or email anytime and we can walk you through the process!