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Improve Driver Satisfaction

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GPS Tracking not only benefits you, it benefits your drivers!

Many companies have found that through GPS tracking, they have improved driver satisfaction.

Drivers no longer have to worry about when the customer calls and says he was only there 10 minutes, the dispatcher can check themselves.  Calls complaining about a driver speeding can be ignored when you set up speeding alerts!

GPS Tracking helps renew the trust in the driver and puts them in a comfortable position!

Mobile Viewers

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Smart Fleet has either mobile viewers or true mobile apps on every platform!

We understand you’re busy, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know where your vehicles are.  We give you the resources to track your fleet no matter where you go!

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Trailer Tracking

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Smart Fleet not only tracks your vehicles, but also your trailers and equipment!

On all 3 Smart Fleet platforms, equipment and trailer trackers are available.  Why only know where your vehicles are when you can track all of our equipment too?

Call today to find the best program for your fleet! 732-722-7725


Purchase Annual Program

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Smart Fleet offers a purchase annual program!

Through our purchase annual program, you pay for your units upfront and then each year you prepay your tracking for the year.  Through this prepaying option, we lower your monthly rate by $2.

This is a great program to help you save money in the long run!  This comes with a 1 year contract.

Fuel Card Integration

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Smart Fleet now has fuel card integrations!

Through Smart Fleet Prime, you can use Wex, Fleetcor, Comdata, or Voyager!

These fuel cards are widely accepted and bring fleet management to a whole new level!  You can see if your fuel card is used when the vehicle is not there, the amounts are off, or used to something other than fuel!

Call Smart Fleet today to find out more! 732-722-7725

Live Demo

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Smart Fleet offers free live demos to each customer!

Our customers our special to us and we like to personal their demos based upon their wants and needs.  Rather than just sending you a video of what our system offers, our sales team provides personalized demos for each account.

These demos are done over the phone via screen sharing.  They can be done anywhere in the world with internet and phone access!

Call or click today to schedule yours!