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Referral Program

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Smart Fleet wants to thank their customers for their loyalty and help in expanding our business.  To show our appreciation, we are offering a refer a friend benefit!

With our refer a friend program, you get a free month of service for every vehicle you refer that leads to a sale!

For example: If you refer a friend who purchases 6 units, you would receive free service for 6 units for 1 month!

To learn more, visit our referral page!


Smart Fleet in Canada

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Smart Fleet now has services in Canada!

Through Smart & EZ, we are offering service outside the US borders and into Canada.  Through this expansion, we are able to offer service to even more areas and customers!

Please call us toll free to see how we can help you! 1-866-477-6689

Customizable Dashboard

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Smart Fleet has customizable dashboard on both Smart & EZ and Smart Fleet Prime Pro.

Smart & EZ has a dashboard that is still a work on progress.  However, you can add difference types of graphs and charts to tell you what your vehicles are doing.  You can choose what you want and don’t want to see.

Smart Fleet Prime Pro is completely customizable!  The entire dashboard can be customized to what ever view you prefer.    You are also able to save different screens that work best for you.  This way everyone in your office can use the view that best fits their needs.

Prime Screen

Service Titan Integration

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Smart Fleet is now able to integrate with Service Titan!

Smart Fleet Prime integrates with many systems, Service Titan being one of the more popular.

Using this integration, you are able to use 2 of your most used systems at the same time.  Why worry about flipping back and forth when you can see both on the same screen!

Service Titan

Carrier & Bryant Partnership

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Smart Fleet is proud to announce it’s partnership with Carrier & Bryant!

We work closely with all Carrier & Bryant authorized dealers to help manage their fleet and grow their businesses.  As a small family owned business, we understand what these small companies are going through.  We want to try and help them expand their business and better manage their time.  Through our fleet management solutions, our customers have found they’ve been able to save money and grow profits large enough that our system pays for itself!

carrier bryant

Maintenance Alerts

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Smart Fleet offers maintenance alerts on all 3 platform!

More than just alerts, Smart Fleet offers way to help you better maintain your fleet.

On Smart & EZ, we help you set up an upcoming maintenance report.  Through this report, which you can receive daily, weekly, or monthly, you can see how far each vehicle is from their next schedule maintenance.

On Smart Fleet Nspire you have the option to create maintenance alerts by time, distance, or engine hours.  This is the perfect way to manage not only oil changes but tire rotations, state inspections, and guideline reviews.

Smart Fleet Prime has the most state of the art maintenance design.  On both standard and pro you can do what all of the other systems offer.  However on pro, you can also do service notes.  This is a great way to keep track of what you are paying for service throughout the year and track your costs!


Diagnostic Trouble Codes

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Smart Fleet Prime now has Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) on their plug and play devices!

These devices plug directly into the vehicle OBD-II port that mechanics use.  By plugging into the same port, we are able to access the same information and relay it to the system for you.

This is an easy way to simply show your mechanic what is wrong or figure out what those lights popping up on your dash mean!

Call or click today to schedule your demo! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet & Jonas

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Smart Fleet has now partnered with Jonas Construction Equipment!  Through this partnership we are able to integrate and tracking your vehicles while still using all the amenities Jonas offers to manage your fleet.

Through Smart & EZ, you can see you vehicles on your map in the Jonas system.

See what our customers are saying about it!

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