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Smart Fleet now has dispatching on all 3 platforms!

Smart & EZ all you have to do is type in the address, click go, select your vehicle and choose dispatch to.  This will dispatch to any email or phone number you have on file for this vehicle! You will be able to open directions from their current location in either Google or Apple maps.

EZ Dispatch

Smart Fleet NSpire allows you to choose a vehicle to dispatch to, then you can fill out the address and the recipient of the dispatch.  This is convenient if you want to send directions to different emails or phone number each time.  This will open as a list of directions.  NSpire Dispatch



Smart Fleet Prime allows you to dispatch to vehicles by typing an address, clicking a vehicle, clicking a landmark, or dropping a pin where you would like them to go.  You can send it to either the email or phone number you have on file for this driver or type in your own and edit.  These directions come with a link to open either Google or Apple maps.  This dispatching allows you to have the best of both worlds.  Prime Dispatch

Fuel Card Integration

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Smart Fleet now has Fuel Card integration on multiple platforms!

Fgas puel cards are a cheap and easy way to monitor the gas you pay for.  You know how much gas is going into each vehicle and how often.  This is an excellent tool to help you cut down on fuel usage!

Companies have found employees using the fuel card to fill up personal and family vehicles.  By using the fuel card integration, you can be alert if they fill over their max amount or if their vehicle is not even there at the transaction!

Call today to see how you can integrate with your fuel card! 732-722-7725

Lifetime Warranty

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Smart Fleet now offers a lifetime warranty for all devices sold on our Smart & EZ system!

With a lifetime warranty, we are able to replace any defective unit* for you at no charge!

Our support staff will work their hardest in conjunction with the software provider’s technical support team to get your units up and running as quickly as possible.  For any issues that cannot be solved in a quick and timely manner, we will replace for you at no cost!

Please call today if we can help you! 732-722-7725


*Warranty does not cover lost or physically damaged equipment


Service Titan

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Service TitanSmart Fleet now integrates with Service Titan!

Service Titan is widely used field service software.  Service Titan assists in the scheduling and management of employees and jobs.

Smart Fleet has the ability to integrate on both our Smart Fleet Private Label Legacy and Smart Fleet Prime powered by GPS Insight platforms!

This integration allows you to not only schedule your jobs, but see where your vehicles currently are and who can get there quickest!

Call today to see if we can integrate with your program! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Nationwide

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Smart Fleet is nationwide!  We have customers in 43 states and Canada!

By using multiple providers, we are able to give our customers service through the entire country and Canada!

Worried about whether GPS will work in your area?  We can send you a demo device to test out before you purchase!

Call today to get your free demo! 732-722-7725


Plug and Play Devices

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We now offer plug and play devices on every platform!

Plug and play devices are a simple way to use GPS tracking without the complicated installation.  Devices are simply plugged into the vehicles OBD-II port.  With plug and play devices, we set up a Power Disconnect alert for you to let you know if your units are ever unplugged.

We also sell a Y-Cable/OBD-II splitter for $19.99.  This cable makes it possible to tuck the unit behind the dash to hide it and make it less accessible to drivers, yet leave an open OBD-II port for your mechanics to use during maintenance.

ex fleet pnp sf color ycable 2

Field Service Software

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Smart Fleet now offers Field Services Software on it’s Smart & EZ system!

Field Services Software is a way to schedule jobs, create & send invoices, and keep your company organized!

Plans starting at $18.95 a month.  Call today to schedule your live demo! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Customer Service

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Smart Fleet is a small family owned company who knows their customers.  Being a small business, backed by large companies, we are able to give our customers the best customer service!

Smart Fleet has an entire team dedicated solely to providing the best service possible to our  customers.

We are open Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST.  You can call within these hours or email or any member of our staff and we will work our hardest to resolve your issues in a timely manner!

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to call 732-722-7725