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Fleet Report Card

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Fleet Report Card is now available on Smart Fleet Prime!

Fleet Report Card is a Pro feature available to help you score your drivers.  This report card is based off speeding, idling, and driver behavior.

This report card can help you know what changes needs to be made within your fleet.

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Customizable Dashboard

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Smart Fleet Prime now offers a completely customizable dashboard!

Smart Fleet Prime powered by GPS Insight allows you to completely customize your dashboard to whatever fits your needs!

Dashlets can be moved, added, and removed as needed.  You may also save your favorite views to use as your default or come back to.  This is a convenient feature if you use different screens for each part of your workday.

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Maintenance Alerts and Reports

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Not only does Smart Fleet offer maintenance alerts to let you know when it is time for an oil change, but we also have maintenance reports!

Maintenance reports let you know the status of all of your vehicles.  This is a great tool in planning oil changes, tire rotations, and state inspections.  By knowing when things are due ahead of time, you can plan ahead and not be blindsided but urgent maintenance.

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Competitor Discount

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Currently using a competitor GPS tracking company?  We can offer you an additional discount for switching to Smart Fleet!

Smart Fleet values all customers.  We have many customers who have been with us for many years, some since we started!  We want customers using our competitors to try our product and see the value from working with a small family owned company.  As an incentive to try us. we offer a discount to all customers coming from a competitor.  Simply show us a copy of your bill and we can lower your rate! We believe once they try us they’ll stay!

Carrier & Bryant Partnership

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Smart Fleet is a preferred vendor for both Carrier and Bryant dealers!

Carrier and Bryant have listed Smart Fleet as a preferred vendor for all of their customers.  Through this partnership program, we are able to give Carrier/Bryant dealers premier pricing!

Manage your fleet with Carrier & Bryant’s only recommended GPS Tracking company!

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481px-Korean_Traffic_sign_(Follow_Directions).svgSmart Fleet offers dispatching on multiple platforms!

Through our dispatching feature, you can send directly to your drivers smartphone or tablet.

Dispatching is a convenience way to fit in that extra job or correct the path for a lost employee!

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Vehicle Maintenance Diagnostics

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Vehicle Maintenance Diagnostics is now available on Smart Fleet Prime!

When using a plug and play device on Smart Fleet Prime, you are give access to DTC’s (diagnostic trouble codes).  These DTC’s detect issues within your vehicle.  This is nice to be able to bring to your mechanic and show him what is coming through as wrong.  This is useful in helping to figure out what all those lights mean on your dashboard!

By plugging your unit into the vehicles OBD-II port to harness power, the device is also able to access the DTC’s meant for mechanics in a much easier way.

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Smart Fleet & Jonas

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Smart Fleet now has a smooth & seamless integration with Jonas construction software!

Don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers are saying!

Read why Vicki Grable, from Current Mechanical, made the switch to SmartFleet: 

“SmartFleet is the first GPS system that we have used that integrates with our dispatching
software system. That was a huge selling point for us when we decided to change GPS companies and switch to SmartFleet. The systems interact well together. Another influential factor was that SmartFleet is significantly less expensive than our old system, so we are saving money and have
a smarter system. The system is user-friendly and gives us the reporting and tracking capabilities that we are looking for in a GPS system.

The SmartFleet staff are very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The service is exceptional with a very quick response time. I have dealt with other GPS companies and found this is not always the case, so I can’t say enough  about the quality of their service. As an added bonus, SmartFleet gives referral fees. We have already profited from this when a company we referred them to went with SmartFleet. We are very happy we decided to switch to SmartFleet as our GPS provider.”

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