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Refer a Friend Program

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money_signSmart Fleet offers a Refer a Friend Discount!

Through our refer a friend program, you get 1 month of free service for any unit that is signed up through your referral.

For example, if your referral signed up with 5 units, you would get 5 units free for 1 month each.

This program was designed to thank our customers for their loyalty to our company.


Jonas Integration

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Smart Fleet now integrates with Jonas Construction Software on our new Smart & EZ platform!  Jonas is a workforce management software that is intended for construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and general contractors.  There are roles for each member of your team to fit their job and management needs.

JonasLogoFeatures include:

  • Accounting, Cost Estimates, Invoicing, & Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Inventory & Equipment Management
  • Payroll & Union Reporting
  • Time Card
  • Service Contracts & Document Management

Click here to see the press release!

Google Maps

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Google Maps are used on Smart Fleet’s Smart & EZ system!Powered by Google Maps

Most customers are already familiar with Google Maps through their daily use.  This allows you to use features such as map, satellite, and street view.  Through using maps and features you are already familiar with, the learning curve is drastically shortened.


Smart Fleet: Preferred Partner of EGIA

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The Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA), a non-profit organization, aims to increase efficiency with energy and solutions in renewable energy.

Smart Fleet is a preferred partner under EGIA’s contractor marketplace.

Mike Hameister (L & H Services Inc) is a business owner that uses both EGIA’s services and Smart Fleet’s.

Mike says “We have now begun using another EGIA partner, Smart Fleet, for our vehicle management system. Andrew [VP of Sales] was great to work with, his concern above all was that we are completely satisfied.”

You can visit EGIA’s homepage and contact us at Smart Fleet today!

Help Button

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On Smart Fleet’s newest Smart & EZ system, all pages have a help button.  On the row of button right about the headings, there is a ‘?’, on some pages it even says “?Help”

Whenever you click on this help button, Frequently Asked Questions from that page come up.  On some tasks, there is even a video included for convenience.

These help buttons make the system easy to understand and navigate.

If ever this is anything you cannot figure out, you can always call us for help! 732-722-7725


Lifetime Warranty

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On our newest Smart & EZ system, all units come with a lifetime warranty!

This lifetime warranty means if the unit ever stops working, we can replace it at no charge to you.

As always, our customer service team will work to resolve the issue in a timely manner.  If the issue cannot be resolved, the unit will be replaced without any hassle!

**Warranties do not cover water damage, technology changes, lost or stolen devices, or installation**

Smart Fleet Plug and Play

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Smart Fleet offers plug and play devices on all of their systems!

Plug and play devices plug directly into your vehicles OBD-II port.  This is the same port that mechanics use for maintenance and diagnostics. Plug and Play devices are convenient because they do not require any installation.

We automatically set you up with power disconnect alerts.  This way you are alerted if your unit is ever unplugged.  We also sell torque seal.  Torque seal is an orange glue like substance which can be dabbed around the edges of the device.  If the unit is ever unplugged, the seal cracks and tampering is evident.

xt2050 croppedtorque-seal

Smart Fleet – Vehicle History

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Smart Fleet has multiple platforms where you can pull the vehicle history for each vehicles.

On our newest Smart & EZ system, history can be pulled for up to 3 years!  Reports can be pulled up to 18 months, location history can go back 6 months, and data can be pulled from the back end of the system for up to 3 years!

We also recommend saving any reports you have sent as an easy way to keep track.  This is convenient if there is ever a dispute about something that happened months ago.

Call today to do a free live demo of the system! 732-722-7725

Improve Driver Behavior

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Improve Driving Behavior!

Our GPS system provides your company with valuable information that will allow you to improve driver behavior. This has a direct result in saving your organization vehicle maintenance costs but more importantly, it improves the safety of your fleet through proper driving habits.

Driver safety is accomplished by changing the driver’s behavior in regards to the speed that they travel and how they drive the vehicle.

Essentially, our GPS unit captures the speed of the vehicle and its accelerometer captures the acceleration based events (Hard Acceleration / Hard Braking / Hard Left & Hard Right (i.e. hard cornering)) that occur throughout the driver’s day.  The key alerts details are as follows:

  • Speed – The unit reports in the speed as the vehicle is traveling down the road.
    • Max Speed Alert – a maximum speed threshold can be set as desired. When this threshold is tripped, an email alert will be sent out. As an example: most companies set this one at 70 or 75mph depending on the area.
    • Posted Speed – you can choose the amount over posted speed that you want to be alerted to, for example: + 10 mph over posted speed. The system will compare the speed readings it received from the unit to the roads posted speed and send out the alert when the threshold is tripped.
  • Acceleration – The unit using the accelerometer to determine when the driver is either hitting the gas pedal or brake too hard, or is going fast/hard around a corner.  These levels are preset at a level where normal driving does not trigger the event.
    • Hard Acceleration – occurs when the driver hits the gas pedal too hard and can also occur when traveling UP a steep hill (i.e. if the driver is going up a steep hill, this can be normal)
    • Hard Braking – under normal driving, this should not occur. The driver should be paying attention to the traffic flow and traffic lights.  We’ll capture it they slam on the brakes.
    • Hard Left & Hard Right – this is when the vehicle takes a corner fast.

The combination of these two Driver Behavior related alerts will allow you to improve the driving habits of your employees, and its direct effect on maintenance costs & fuel savings (i.e. less speeding = less fuel used) will improve your bottom line.  The safety aspect is a bonus and hopefully reduces the chance of speeding tickets and fender benders.

Give us a call to learn more about our valuable business tools that are a part of our GPS system.

Slower Drivers Are Profitable for Your Busines

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Be sure to take advantage of the speed alert and speed monitoring features of your Smart Fleet Tracking System.  Significant savings in fuel cost are available.  Learn more below.

Fuel Mileage
You may know excessive speeding can dramatically reduce fuel economy, but few of us have bothered to learn just how much it costs. Following is some useful and startling information compiled from DOE data.

The DOE calculation
Unfortunately, it’s true. Your vehicle’s gas mileage decreases once it gets past its optimal speed. For most vehicles, this is around 55 mph. This means that every time you go over this speed, you’re essentially wasting fuel and money.  You’d be surprised to learn that a slight decrease in your highway driving speed could significantly reduce your fuel consumption, while only adding a few minutes to the travel time.

How much?
According to studies backed by the DOE, the average vehicle will be at its advertised peak efficiency MPG at 55 mph. But as the speed increases you lose up to 28% of efficiency when traveling at highway speeds!  The data:
– 3% less efficient at 60 mph
– 8% less efficient at 65 mph
– 17% less efficient at 70 mph
– 23% less efficient at 75 mph
– 28% less efficient at 80 mph

Are Your Smart Fleet Speed Alerts Setup?  Are You Coaching Your Drivers?
Your Smart Fleet GPS system has two types of speed alerts.   One is a top end “threshold” alert.   Set the threshold at, for example, 70 mph and if a driver exceeds that alert you can be notified they exceeded that speed (or get a daily report of all violations).   The other alert is “posted speed” alert.    Set this alert to be triggered if a driver exceeds, for example, 12 mph over ANY posted speed limit on any road.   Alerts can be sent to your email or phone but you may want to simply have a daily or weekly report sent to you showing you all violations.  (see attached report)

Use these alerts or reports to coach your drivers.  Provide incentives or gift card to those with the least violations.   Then watch your fuel bill plummet!

Also see these training videos on How to Setup Alerts –

How to Setup Reports –