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Value of Landmarks

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The Value of Landmarks and their Associated Alerts and Reporting Data

Don’t Underestimate the value of Landmarks and the use of their associated Alerts and Reporting Data!

The use of Landmarks in conjunction with the establishment of entering and exiting alerts and their use in reports have significant value and should not be overlooked. For example, many service related companies have service contracts which come up for renewal. The use of landmark reports to determine the number of times a business’s employee service that account (Landmark) including the total amount of time invested within that account (Landmark) is critical business data need to determine if that service contract should be renewed and at what price. This software functionality will provide that visibility within minutes for any given timeline, but only if you create Landmarks.

This is also an important tool for time and materials type billing, or a job you won based upon a bid and whereas you may also have multiple vehicles/employees working on it. Just imagine the value this tool will provide to determine your profit margin and or analyze your overall bid margin or to justify any project or job overruns!

The creation of a Landmark is fast and easy and can be incorporated into your Vehicle Tracking software in many ways consisting of almost any size or dimension or color. We’ve even made our software intelligent enough so that once you create a Landmark it is able to go back and incorporate that into all of the historical data captured by our software servers. You even have a Landmark Import Tool enabling you to enter an unlimited number of them in minutes.

Many customers use landmark city, county or state boundaries to manage their employees and assets. Some customers have even landmarked their business and or employee homes to use as productivity related data and furthermore, by including these landmarks as alerts you can receive information near “real time” as vehicle enter and/or exit or both including the time spent within it.

Landmarks are one of the most common utilized and valuable tools available that should not be overlooked.

2G Upgrade

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Still have 2G units in your account?  It’s not too late to upgrade!

As cell phone companies remove the 2G technology from their towers, 2G units start experiencing delays until they ultimately stop tracking all together.  2G are going down nationwide, and unfortunately there is no resolution other than the upgrade.

Although free units on our Smart Fleet has ended per the manufacturer, we are still able to give you free upgrade units on our newest Smart & EZ system.  Call us today to get your units upgraded! 732-722-7725

Maintenance Alerts

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The Power of Maintenance Alert’s from a GPS system

Our GPS system provides you with not only vehicle tracking information that is extremely beneficial to your day to day operations, but it can also streamline your vehicle maintenance when our Maintenance Alerts are utilized.

Your Fleet is the life blood of your company revenue and the costs associated with the company vehicle are very high and directly affect your bottom line.  By performing preventative maintenance on your vehicles at regular intervals, the outcome is reliable vehicles and avoiding the big expensive maintenance costs.

Our customizable maintenance alerts can be set at the maintenance thresholds that you desire. They will provide email reminders of which vehicle is due for what service.  This can be from simple oil change reminders to a full range of reminders:

  • Maintenance Alert Reminders
    • Oil change at 5000 mile intervals
    • Check Tire Pressure every Month.
    • Check brakes every 15,000 miles
    • Clean Air filter every 2 months
    • Check Hydraulics on lift gate every 6 months
    • Perform “major service” every 30,000 miles (i.e. coolants, full inspection of vehicle etc.)

When you consider the cost of fuel, tires, oil and vehicle parts it is important to keep the vehicle in top shape to avoid the big costs that typically arise in an unmaintained vehicle.

For example, something as simple as checking the tire pressure will save you both fuel costs and typically extend the life of the tire.  A tire that is only a few pounds under the pressure can cost you around 1.2% in fuel, and an underinflated tire will wear faster.  A tire that is over inflated will actually save you in fuel, but in the long run, an over inflated tire wears much faster and will cost you more in tires than the fuel you saved. If you wait until the tire pressure light comes on, it’s too late, by that time you’ve already wasted fuel and started excessive tire wear.  Tire pressure should be checked monthly.

So give us a call today and we can help you improve your bottom line through maintenance alerts with our GPS system.

Smart Fleet Mobile Applications

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Using the Mobile Application

How to know where your vehicles are even when you’re on the go!

We realize that you or your staff managing your fleet may not have time or always be sitting in front of your computer.  With our mobile access you can view everything on your smart phone that you could on your computer! The only exception is the ability to get reports now. But with the automated report features, you can still have the reports emailed to your phone!

Not only can you view a devices current status, location, and trip history but you can add/edit alerts, recipients, vehicles, drivers, groups and users.   Below is a video to help you get started using our mobile application, and attached is a document on how to set up the mobile viewer on your phone.

How to use the mobile app on a smartphone:

Dispatching to Smartphones and Tablets

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Dispatching to a Smartphone

Do your drivers ever get lost or do you ever need to know who is the closest to a specific location/landmark?

With our basic dispatching tools, you are able to see how far each vehicle is from any location/Landmark as well as send the address with a message to their smartphone.

Utilizing these tools will increase efficiency with your fleet which in turn increases customer satisfaction.

We’ve had requests for basic dispatching where the dispatcher just wants to inform the customer of the estimated arrival of their Tech/Truck, but they didn’t want to have to email the driver or even see the driver column in the Control Panel of the Dispatch screen. We have a simple solution, check out the video below for details.  

If you are interested in setting up each driver and being able to send a google/apple map link and message to their smartphone.  Use the video below for help on setting it up.

Smart Fleet – Reduce Fuel Costs

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Reduce your Overall Vehicle Fuel and Maintenance Costs by Monitoring and Reducing Idle Time!

Fuel cost and vehicle maintenance are two of the largest expenses for fleet companies.  Whether your company has a fleet of cars, light duty to heavy duty trucks, or a combination of all, vehicle maintenance and fuel costs continue to have a negative impact on a company’s profit.

Smart Fleet provides the tools that will allow you to manage, and more importantly reduce your fuel cost, maintenance cost, and overall wear & tear on your vehicles.

On average, one hour of idle time equates to one gallon of gas.  By utilizing the idle reports and notifications from Smart Fleet, fleet managers can now monitor their fleet’s idle time, and use that data to provide coaching to drivers to reduce their overall idling time.  A fleet manager can receive an instant notification of drivers idling over a certain time threshold, or an automated report daily with idling violations.

Fuel and maintenance cost can be overwhelming for companies and fleet managers.  Through the use of our driver behavior (speeding, acceleration, hard braking, and hard turning), reports and notifications you can identify speeding violators, whether is it based on the posted speed or a speeding threshold.  Also you will be able to identify drivers that are abusing your company vehicles.

The Smart Fleet solution also provides the ability to automate your regularly scheduled maintenance reminders from oil changes, air filter, tire rotations, safety checks, and anything else that is measured by miles or engine hours.

The tools, reports, and notifications available through Smart Fleet will allow you to reduce your idling time, speeding, improve your driver behavior, and stay ahead of the maintenance of your fleet.  All of these factors will have a positive impact on your fuel cost, vehicle maintenance cost, wear & and tear on your vehicles, and extend the life of your fleet

Automated Reporting

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Don’t Let your Vehicle Tracking Software Become Another “Job” for you or your Staff to Complete!

Now that you have embraced and implemented a vehicle tracking productivity tool we want to make sure that it also doesn’t reduce productivity by creating another job or task for someone to use it!

We recognize that most businesses have time management challenges already, and the software you have invested in was designed specifically to allow you to manage by exception. Meaning you can establish a series of thresholds and multiple automatically generated reports based upon your customized parameters; including your timeline and your selected recipients (one or many).  These reports and/or alerts will be auto-generated, and once established you can let the software do its work!

Most business employees and owners wear many hats and are hard pressed with time. With that in mind, the software will automatically provide you with the business data without the need to spend any time to get it! And the use of Alerts and Auto-Generated reports are the tools you need to utilize in order to make your software work for you vs. you working on it!

Driver Satisfaction

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Driver Satisfaction

Employees are a company’s best asset – take care of you employees and they will take care of your customers.  In this face paced world, companies are looking for tools that will make them more productive, and more profitable while reducing costs.  Companies with fleets are using GPS fleet solutions to achieve these goals, and provide a world class experience to their customers.

The Smart Fleet solution provides the tools companies need to build a safer, more compliant, and more productive fleet while rewarding and recognizing drivers are exceeding company goals.

How do we do this?

The Smart Fleet solution gives you the tools to measure driving behavior, efficiency, and productivity.  Smart Fleet provides reports and alerts that monitor speeding, hard acceleration, hard braking, and hard turning.  When a driver can curb their driving behavior, the company will see an immediate reduction in fuel cost, wear & tear on the vehicle, and potentially insurance costs while also extending the life of the vehicle.  Smart Fleet also provides tools that will allow a company to determine when a driver left the company yard and arrived at a customer location or a job site.  Utilizing these tools will help with accurate time reporting, and provide a world class experience for your customers.

Through the tools provided by Smart Fleet, companies can implement monthly or quarterly bonus programs that will recognize and reward employees who are doing the right things, and demonstrate positive driving behavior.  Companies can also take the necessary steps for those employees who are not.

You will be able to build a culture of motivated drivers/employees who will do what is best for the company and the company vehicles; drive in a safe manner, care for a company vehicle, provide on time arrivals and departures to and from job site or customer locations, and be more productive and efficient on a daily basis.

All these factors will ultimately save your company money through fuel cost reduction, maintenance costs, wear and tear on the vehicle, insurance costs, reduction in accidents, and increased productivity.

Insurance Discounts

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How can you pay less for insurance while not reducing your coverage?

The answer lies in Smart Fleet Tracking.

There are 4 primary ways Smart Fleet can lower your insurance cost.

  1. Improving driver behavior contributes to lower premiums. Many accidents are caused by speeding and other reckless driving behaviors.  Smart Fleet can monitor speed, hard braking, fast acceleration, hard right and left turns.  You can use this information to train your drivers to be more conscious of their driving behavior.  Also when your drivers are aware they are being monitored they are less likely to speed and risk an accident.
  2. GPS tracking increases recovery of stolen goods. Without GPS tracking, it often takes law enforcement weeks to track down a stolen vehicle.  Many times the stolen good is never recovered and in turn your insurance company has to pay out a large claim.  With Smart Fleet installed it is highly likely you will recover your vehicle, trailer, equipment, and assets quickly.
  3. Proper maintenance prevents accidents. If your vehicle has a mechanical malfunction or a tire blowout it is more likely to cause an accident.  With Smart Fleet you can be notified when it’s time to perform regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations which decreases the chances of your vehicle being involved in an accident.
  4. Discourage misuse of vehicles. The more your vehicle is on the road the higher the chance of it being involved in an accident.  With Smart Fleet’s after hour and landmark alerts you can be made aware and employees are less likely to take the company vehicle out on a joy ride.

It only takes a few minutes to call your insurance company to see if they offer a discount.  If they don’t, it might be time to shop around with one of the companies listed below.

Insurance Companies Offering GPS Tracking Discounts

  • AAA Insurance up to 18%
  • AIG Insurance up to 15%
  • Allstate Insurance (CA, TX, NY, FL) up to 18%
  • ALFA Insurance (AL) up to 10%
  • Farmers Insurance up to 15%
  • Fireman’s Fund up to 5%
  • Geico up to 10%
  • Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance up to 15%
  • Liberty Mutual up to 25%
  • Mercury Insurance up to 30%
  • Nationwide Insurance (CA) up to 10%
  • Progressive Insurance up to 15%
  • Safeco Insurance up to 10%
  • USAA Insurance up to 33%
  • 21st Century Insurance up to 15%

States with Mandated GPS Tracking Discounts

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas