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Smart Fleet Open API

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Smart Fleet has an open API on both it’s Smart & EZ and Smart Fleet NSpire systems.

This open API allows you to integrate with any other service or feature you may use!  Upon request, we can send you an open API, which allows you to enter the needed information and integrate both system.  This is a convenient way to work together multiple systems you may already use.

By providing the open API, your options are endless!  You get to pick and choose which systems are most valuable to you, and use them all in once place!

Turn by Turn Updates

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On our newest Smart & EZ system, you can track your drivers with turn by turn updates!

The system logs any turn 20 degrees or greater.  This is a great way to see exactly where your drivers were.  You can follow them turn by turn to see which route they took and exactly where they are!

Call or click today to view a live demo of the system!

Heading Change

Workforce Management

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Smart Fleet’s newest Smart & EZ system is now compatible with our workforce management software!

Workforce Management is the new and improved way to keep track of where your vehicles are and where they should be!  With workforce management you can manage all of your workers schedules to see who has an opening and where you can fit in an extra customer.

Workforce management also allows your technicians to create and send invoices to customers, accept payment, and go paperless billing!

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Google Maps

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Smart Fleet’s newest Smart & EZ platform uses Google Maps.  This is a convenient feature since most customer’s are already familiar with Google Maps.

All of the feature you are used to on Google Maps are still available, including: Terrain, Satellite view, and Street View.  Street view can be a useful feature to identify exactly where you vehicles are!

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Powered by Google Maps

Reduce Fuel Usage

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GPS tracking can help your company reduce their fuel usage!

Idle alerts let you know after your vehicle has been idling for a set amount of time.  For every hour a vehicle idles, that’s 1/2 a gallon of gas wasted!

Tracking can also reduce personal usage of company vehicles to save on gas.

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reduce fuel usage

After Hour Alerts

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After hour alerts help you keep track of when your vehicles are in use!

You can be alerted when vehicles turn on or move during a set time frame.  This is useful to know if your workers are using the vehicles before or after work.  After hour alerts can help eliminate personal use of company vehicles.

off hour alerting image