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Smart Fleet offers a leasing program to lower your upfront cost!

Through a third party leasing company, Smart Fleet offers 3 year leases.  These leases are bundled with tracking, the cost of the equipment, and the price of installation if needed.

Leases can be a convenient route for customers who do not have the money upfront to purchase the equipment outright.

Call Smart Fleet today to discuss leasing options! 732-722-7725



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Smart Fleet now offers a lifetime warranty on all devices on their Smart & EZ system!

With a lifetime warranty, any issue* we cannot resolve in a timely manner, will be replaced at no charge to the customer!

This lifetime warranty can be a major advantage when comparing companies and long term cost!

*Lifetime warranty does not cover changes in technology, physical or water damage, and lost or stolen devices.



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Smart Fleet now has dispatching on it’s new Smart & EZ system!

Dispatching allows you to send addresses directly to your tech’s smartphones and tablets which can then be opened directly through either Apple Maps or Google Maps.

Dispatching requires you to add a phone number or email for each tech and then is a simple process that help you save time and add work!


Purchase Annual

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Smart Fleet offers a purchase annual program for customers.

Purchase annual is our most cost efficient program.  By purchasing the equipment and paying for a full year of tracking upfront, we are able to give you a better price.  This program comes with a 1 year contract.

Call Smart Fleet today to sign up! 732-722-7725


Installation Guides

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Smart Fleet offers easy installation guides to all of their customers!  With these simple and easy instructions, installation of your GPS device is a breeze!

If you ever have a questions during installation, you can call our office and we can walk you through the steps and verify if installation is correct.

Call today to start tracking your fleet! 732-722-7725

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Purchase Monthly

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Through Smart Fleet’s purchase monthly program, you can get your GPS devices without a contract!

By paying for the devices upfront, you can pay your tracking fees monthly and cancel at any time you wish.  This is a good option for companies who do not want a contract.  Purchase monthly is currently one of our most popular programs.  It gives the customer ease of mind signing up without being locked down.

Call today to hear pricing and demo the system! 732-722-7725



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Y-Cables are available through Smart Fleet for $19.99 each!

Y- Cables are a convenient way to hide a plug and play device behind the vehicles dash.  These cables are an OBD splitter.  This plugs directly into the OBD-II port and allows you to plug the device into one port and have a free OBD-II port available!

This is convenient so you do not have to unplug the device to run diagnostic maintenance and also allows the device to be out of sight.

Call today to see if a Y-Cable is a good fit for your fleet!

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2G Upgrade

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Have you upgraded your 2G devices yet?

Time is running out! 2G technology has already been removed from multiple states across the country.  Without upgrading your 2G devices, your units will start to experience delays before they eventually stop tracking all together.

Call Smart Fleet today to upgrade your devices before you start to experience any issues!

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Plug and Play Devices

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Smart Fleet now offers plug and play devices on all platforms!

Plug and play devices are convenient to avoid the hassle of installation.  These devices simply plug into the vehicles OBD-II port.

All systems have a power disconnect and reconnect alert.  This alert is convenient to let you know if your device has been disconnected or reconnected.

We also sell torque seal for $5.99 a tube.  Torque seal is a brightly colored glue like substance you dab along the edge of the unit.  When the device is unplugged, the seal will be broken as evidence of tampering.

Call today to get a free demo! 732-722-7725

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