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Smart Fleet Workforce Management Integration

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Smart Fleet now has integration with a Workforce Management software on their Smart & EZ platform!

Through Workforce Management integration, businesses can easily schedule jobs and dispatch their workers to them with minimal effort.  This makes it easier to see where any worker is and where they are supposed to be.  Workforce Management makes it easy to see gaps in the schedule where you can take on an extra client.

Not only is Workforce Management good for scheduling, but it also gives your workers the ability to create and send invoices as well as accept payment from their customers.

Call today to for a demo of our Workforce Management integration! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet 2G Upgrade

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Have you upgraded your 2G units yet?

Smart Fleet is currently offering deals to help you upgrade  your 2G devices at minimal cost to you.

2G is old technology that cell phone companies are starting to take down from their towers.  As the technology comes down, the units will begin to experience delays and ultimately stop working.  The only was to to solve the issue is to replace the units with newer 3G devices.

If you have devices from the middle of 2014 or earlier, your devices may be effected!  Call us today to find out how we can help you!

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Smart & EZ Help

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Smart & EZ offers a help button on most of their screens.  This help button answers Frequently Asked Questions on that page.

This makes it easy for most customers to figure out answers on their own.  When signing up, Smart Fleet also sends customers tutorial videos to help with common tasks they may use on the system.

As always, for any questions you have you can always call us here at Smart Fleet!


Smart & EZ User History

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On Smart Fleet’s newest Smart & EZ system there is a convenience “User History”.

With the User History tab, you can see what each user in the account has edited, changed, added, or deleted.

This feature is convenient if you have multiple using the system.  You are able to keep track of what each person is doing and helps to minimize communication errors.


Smart Fleet Plug and Play

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Smart Fleet offers plug and play devices on all of our systems!

Plug and play devices can simply be plugged into the OBD II port to avoid the hassle of installation.

OBD II splitters, or “Y-Cables”, are available to hide the device.  With a Y-Cable you can plug your unit in, hide it behind the dash, and still have access to your OBD II port for maintenance purposes!

We also offer torque seal with all  plug and play devices at no cost!  Torque seal is an orange substance similar to glue.  You simply dab it around the edges of the device before your plug it in.  Nothing is tamper proof, only tamper evident!

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Smart & EZ Door Unlock

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Smart & EZ has a multitude of upgraded features.

When using a hardwired device, one of the new features is “Door Unlock”.

By simply installing an extra wire, you can lock and unlock doors to your vehicles over the internet!

This an excellent features for technicians who tend to lock their keys in or forget to lock their vehicles at all.

Call today to get personalized demo of the system!


Smart & EZ

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Smart Fleet has a new software program, Smart & EZ!

Smart & EZ is developed by the same software engineers as the original Smart Fleet system.  This leads to a very similar program making the transition smooth.

Smart & EZ is easy as the name implies!  Most of our customers have saved money by switching.

Not only does Smart & EZ save you money, but it also has a lifetime warranty, dispatching to smartphones, 1 minute updates, Google maps, and can be integrated with workforce management.

Call today to see a free live demo of the new system!

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