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Smart Fleet Replacements

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Smart Fleet prides itself in the excellent service they provide to their customers.

For any issue that cannot be resolved in a timely manner, we offer a replacement device.

Any in warranty replacement is sent free of cost.  For out of warranty devices, we offer a reduced rate of $150 for the unit.

** To find the warranty on your units, please look at your original signed paperwork.  Warranty does not cover lost or damaged devices**

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Smart Fleet Upgrade

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Smart Fleet is working to upgrade all of your 2G units!

AT&T has already started taking down their 2G technology.  This is causing delays in information being relayed to the system.  The data will be forwarded as soon as the unit drives past a tower with 2G technology.  As the cell phone companies continue to take down this 2G technology, the towers will be fewer and further between.  This will cause devices to not update.

We are currently reaching out to all of our customers to get their devices updated before any lapses occur.

If you have older units, let us know and we can upgrade you today!

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Smart Fleet Fuel Savings

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Our companies have noticed that using GPS fleet tracking they has been saving in fuel costs.

For every hour your vehicle idles, a half gallon of gas is wasted!

Smart Fleet helps you reduce these fuel costs by using idle and off hour alerts to let you know if the vehicle is running when it’s not needed.

We also have fuel card integration on multiple platforms to make all of your fueling needs easy!

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Smart Fleet Dispatching

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Smart Fleet’s newest system, Smart & EZ now has dispatching!

With the dispatch feature, you can send addresses and directions directly to your technicians phones!

As long as a driver is added for each vehicle, you can set it up to dispatch as either an email or text message.  When the message is received, the technician can open the address in either Google Maps or Apple Maps.  This helps to eliminate the need for a navigation system.

Call or click today to try our dispatch feature!


Smart Fleet – Workforce Management

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Smart Fleet now offers workforce management compatible with our Smart & EZ system!

With workforce management, companies can manage jobs, send invoices, and accept payment.  This eliminates the potential errors of scheduling by hand.  By scheduling through workforce management, the dispatchers can see exactly where each technician has an opening, helping to optimize time.

Employees can check into jobs directly through the software allowing you to know when they arrive and complete.  They can also create invoices on the spot and accept payment directly, reducing the headache!

Call today to see how workforce management can optimize your performance – 732-722-7725!


Smart Fleet Winter Driving

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GPS tracking is a great way to monitor driver behavior, especially with recent wintery road conditions!

Driver behavior can be monitored with turns greater than 20 degrees, harsh breaking, harsh turns, and speeding.  These are important to monitor during these winter months to make sure your drivers are safe on the road!

Keep your fleet safe and call for a demo today! 732-722-7725

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Smart Fleet – Worker Protection

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GPS not only tracks your employees, but also helps to protect them!

In the event of an accident, GPS can help to show if your driver was speeding or did a harsh stop trying to prevent an accident.  These reports can help prove your drivers innocence in a court case!

GPS tracking is also useful to employees who may forget to clock in or out or mark how long they were at a job site.  With GPS you can see exactly how long a vehicle was at a job site and when the employee started working.  This can be beneficial for any payroll you need to backfill!

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How Does GPS Work?

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Global Positioning System, or GPS, works through cell phone towers and satellites.

another sat sfThe government currently has 24 satellites that track GPS.  Your device locks onto these satellites.  Only 3 satellites are needed to triangulate and pinpoint your location.  With 6-10 satellites, your location is as accurate as 15-30 feet of your vehicle.  The more satellites available, the more accurate your results!

The data obtained from these satellites is then sent directly to the device and stored there.  As you near cellular towers, the data is then relayed through sat sfthem using the same technology as your mobile device!

The information is then loaded through a data processing system, which is accessible to you through the internet.  Since this is entirely internet based, you have access to this information anywhere you have internet access!

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