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Smart Fleet Mobile Viewers

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We know how important it is to to be able to track your fleet on the go.  That’s why Smart Fleet has mobile viewers on all of their platforms!

Through the mobile viewers you can track your fleet anywhere, any time!  You can monitor where they are, where they have been, and what they have been doing!

Mobile viewers can be tested during demos.  Call today to schedule your demo! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet Installation

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Smart Fleet has installation guides for each model we sell!  These installation guide make it easy for you or your handyman to install the devices on your own.

If you are not comfortable doing the installation yourself, we also offer professional installation for a small fee.  We will find an installer in your area or use one of our national installers.  We contact the installers for you and have them reach out to schedule depending on what days and times work best for you.

If installation as a whole is intimidating, we offer plug and play devices that simply plug into your OBD-II port!

Call today to see which system works best for your company! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Torque Seal

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Smart Fleet offers torque seal for all plug and play devices!

Torque seal is a small tube of an orange substance similar to glue.  Torque seal can be applied to the edges of a plug and play device to use as evidence if the unit has been unplugged.  Torque seal can be used with or without a Y-Cable.  This is the best way to make sure your drivers are not unplugging their devices and don’t have to worry about any false accusations.

Torque seal can be bought with your devices for $5 a tube, but the reassurance that your devices are not being unplugged is priceless!

Call today to find out more! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet Covert Units

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Smart Fleet offers the option to do covert units so your drivers are unaware they are being tracked.*

With covert units, you can hide the unit up behind the dash of the vehicle.  This is a good way to see your drivers normal behavior, without them altering now that they know you are watching.

Both our hardwired and plug and play units can be hidden covertly.

Call today to schedule your demo! 732-722-7725

searching website*Covert units are only an option if you own the vehicle


Smart Fleet Upgrades

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When GPS tracking began, 2G technology was used in the devices to report to cell phone towers.  Just as our cell phones have evolved over the years, so has GPS tracking.

Newer GPS units use 3G technology.  To keep up with the rapid evolution of the technology, cell phone towers are removing their 2G technology and these devices are starting to have issues.

To keep our customers up to date and tracking, Smart Fleet is offering a 2G upgrade program!  With our 2G upgrade program customers receive new devices and the option to stay on their current system or switch to a new system with different features.  As always, we offer our customers free demos to test out the new systems before buying.

To keep the expenses low, we give our customers a discount for upgrading multiple units.  We top out our expense at $300 and after that, we offer the customer free equipment!

If you still have old devices, call 732-722-7725 to get your units upgraded to the newest technology!

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Smart Fleet Replacements

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Smart Fleet offers FREE in warranty replacements for any unit we cannot fix!

Our customer service team will work with you to remedy any issues you are having with your devices, if we cannot resolve the issue within a timely manor we will replace any in warranty device for FREE.   To qualify for the free in warranty replacement, customers are required to send the defective unit back within 15 days of the replacement arriving.  If the unit is not returned within 15 days, out of warranty pricing will apply.

If the unit is out of warranty or cannot be returned, whether the unit was lost or the vehicle was sold with the unit installed, replacements will be issued for a discounted $150 fee.

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Smart Fleet Leasing

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Smart Fleet offers a leasing program for customers who don’t have the cash flow upfront to purchase equipment.

With the leasing option, customers sign a 3 year lease through a third party leasing company.  This gives the customer a 3 year contract with a matching warranty.

Leasing paperwork must be a signed from an officer of the company to be accepted.

Call today to find the best payment option for your company! 732-722-7725

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Smart Fleet Customer Service

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Smart Fleet offers customer service along with the software companies and device manufacturers on all of their platforms!

If at anytime you are having an issue with any of your devices you can call or email Smart Fleet.  Our customer service team will work in conjunction with the software providers and the manufacturers who make the devices to find a resolution.

If you are having any issues with any of your Smart Fleet devices please call 732-722-7725 or email!

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Smart Fleet Asset and Trailer Tracking

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Smart Fleet offers GPS tracking for not only your vehicles but also for your assets and trailers!

Asset and trailer tracking is perfect for anyone who leaves expensive machinery at work-sites or out overnight.  This will let you know if anything happens to your units while you are not there.  Asset and trailer trackers can be uses on trailers, construction equipment, farm equipment, or any heavy duty machinery you may use!

Call to talk to one of our sales associates today to find out which tracker best suites your needs! 732-722-7725