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Smart Fleet Reports

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Smart Fleet GPS fleet tracking has multiple report options on every platform!

These reports are useful for billable hours, tracking mileage, and as employee time-cards!

You have the options to run reports when you would like, or to have them automated and have them waiting for you when you get into the office!

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speeding alert report

Smart Fleet Y-Cables

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Smart Fleet now sells Y-Cables for your plug and play devices!

Y-Cables, or OBD-II splitters, are a Y shaped cable that plug into your OBD-II port.  These cables allow you to simply plug in your device and plug the other end unto the OBD-II port.  With a Y-Cable you still have access to an open OBD-II port.

Y-Cables are also useful in allowing you to hide your device behind the dash.  This way you do not need have to worry about one of your drivers accidentally bumping it with their knee and it coming loose.  This is also an option if you are looking for a way to hide your device from the drivers.

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Smart Fleet Alerts

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Smart Fleet offers alerts on all of their platforms!

Alerts can be set for speeding, off hour driving, and idling.  This is a good way to stay on top of what your fleet is doing and keeping everyone in check.

Alerts can be received via email and/or text message.  You also have the option to send alerts to multiple recipients.  Many customers choose to also send the alerts to the drivers.  This lets them know you are aware!

off hour alerting image

Smart Fleet GPS Garmin Integration

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NEW on our Smart Fleet Prime platform is Garmin integration!

Garmin integration allows you to send directions directly to your drivers Garmin device.  This can be useful if your drivers do not have company phones or to help with worrying about data overage charges!

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garmin map

Smart Fleet Real Time Tracking

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truck moving Smart fleet offers real time tracking through multiple different platforms!

Real time tracking allows you to track your fleet while they drive, turn by turn.

With the most up to date information, you can see where your vehicles are each minute of the day.

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Smart Fleet Fuel Card Integration

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Smart Fleet is now offering fuel card integration on some platforms!

Fuel card integration is available with many popular fuel cards.

Fuel card integration shows fuel transactions to help identify any fuel card fraud.  This provides a summary of fuel usage and MPG.

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reduce fuel usage

Smart Fleet GPS Reduces Fuel Costs

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money_signBy tracking your vehicles, you can reduce your company’s fuel costs!  With some of the alerts Smart Fleet offers, you can eliminate fuel waste.

Off hour alerts allow you to know when your employees are using their vehicles outside of business hours.  This can reduce personal vehicle usage by your employees.

Idle alerts can be set to any interval you choose.  This allow you to know if your employees are leaving their vehicle running while they go into jobs.  For every hour a vehicle idles it uses a 1/2 gallon of gas!

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Smart Fleet Plug and Play Units

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Smart Fleet now offers plug and play units all platforms! xt2050 cropped

Plug and play units can be an easy option because they do not require going under the dash to install.  These units can simply be plugged into the OBD port.

We offer Y-Cables to give you an additional OBD port that is not being blocked by the unit and still accessible.  These Y-Cables can be tucked under the dash to keep them out of the way.  We also offer torque seal at NO COST!  Torque seal is a small tube, similar to paint, that can be applied to the edge of the unit so you know if your unit has been unplugged.  This provided tamper evidence.

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