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Smart Fleet GPS – Anti Theft

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Smart Fleet customers use their GPS tracking for many reasons.  One of those reasons being theft theft sf

With our GPS tracking you can receive off hour alerts.  This can let you know if one of your vehicles leaves the property after work hours.

GPS tracking also allows you to know where the vehicle is once it leaves your premises.  This lets you know where your vehicle is being taken without your permission.

Smart Fleet has had customers retrieve vehicles within hours of being stolen.  Police say the best chance of recovery of a stolen vehicle is within the first 72 hours, with GPS tracking you can find your vehicle in a drastically shorter time.

Customers have also used Smart Fleet GPS tracking reports to present to the police as evidence.

You can’t manage what you can’t see! Call Smart Fleet today! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Demo

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Smart Fleet does demos with all of our customers to make sure they know what they are maps 3 way view

We offer FREE demo devices so you can put a unit in one of your own vehicles and play around with the system for a while before committing to a purchase.

Our sales representatives also do one on one demos over the phone via screen sharing.  This allows our customers to understand the system and learn how to use it.  This is a great opportunity for the customer to ask questions and get started.

Click here to request a demo or call our office today! 732-722-7725

Smart Fleet Knock Out

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sat sfSmart Fleet offers a “knock out” program for customers coming from a competitor!

Through our knock out program, customers not only receive discounted equipment but we will try our best to beat your competitors pricing!

Call or click today to schedule a demo and see what we can offer! 732-722-7725


Smart Fleet Replacements

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Smart Fleet always puts their customers first!  If there is an issue with any of your devices we try our best and work with the software developers and engineers to resolve it.ezfleet hardwire sf

If the issue either cannot be fixed, or is not being fixed in a timely manor, we replace all in warranty replacements at no cost.  If the unit is out of warranty we replace it a reduced fee.

For in warranty replacements, you are required to send back the defective unit within 15 days as per the manufacturer.

Call us today so we can help you figure out which system best fits your needs! 732-722-7725

Mobile GPS Tracking

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In today’s fast-moving industry, having your GPS tracking system work on your cell phone is vital.

Smart Fleet’s mobile viewer is great for when you’re on-the-go but still need to know the location of the vehicle’s in your fleet.

You can’t always rely on being behind a desk to track your fleet.

You can login right to your mobile viewer by visiting our client login page, where you can also find helpful instruction on how to save it to your phone’s home screen!

holding cell phone

Smart Fleet Report

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Using Smart Fleet GPS tracking, you can run reports for your fleet.  Our reports can be ran by vehicle, group or fleet.

Reports on our systems can go back as far as 6 months.  All of our reports can also be exported and either printed or saved for future use.

Report can be helpful with billable hours, mileage logs, and driver supervision.

You can’t manage what you can’t see!  Call today to see what your fleet is doing! 732-722-7725

speeding alert report

GPS Fleet Tracking

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sat for website

Smart Fleet lets you monitor the location and status of your fleet vehicles with one easy-to-use web interface.

The interface features powerful maps, data layers, customer map overlays, historical reports (mileage, speeding, etc) and more!

Smart Fleet is a leader in vehicle tracking and mobile workforce management and stands behind it’s services with constant upgrades and 24×7 customer support.


Customer Service

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Smart Fleet is devoted to providing the best service possible to our customers!

We have someone in the office Monday through Friday 9-5.  You can call 732-722-7725 or email with any of your issues or  questions.

Each of our platforms has their own customer service line who we work with directly to make sure your issues are fixed as soon as possible! If we cannot fix the issue in a timely manner, we replace the device to get you tracking again!

tablet system