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Fleet Tracking Idle Alerts

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Smart Fleet has many different alerts, but by far our most popular one is our idling alert!

By setting up a predetermined threshold for your fleet, or per vehicle, you can monitor anytime a vehicle idles longer than they should be.

For example, if you set your idle threshold for 20 minutes, anytime someone in your fleet idles longer than 20 minutes, you can get an alert emailed and/or texted to you!

You can even set it up so the idling driver gets an alert, so they know that you know they better turn off the van or get moving.

Loyalty Rewards Program

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Smart Fleet offers a Loyalty Rewards Program on our SmartScout platform!

All SmartScout customers are automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Rewards program unless otherwise specified or requested when they enroll in auto renew of their yearly contract at the time of sale.  With our Loyalty Rewards, customers receive a 5% discount each year their contract is automatically renewed.

Loyalty Rewards customers still have the option to cancel their contract with 60 days notice prior to end of contract.

Call 732-722-7725 or email to start enroll in Loyalty Rewards!


GPS Tracking Reports

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Smart Fleet offers many easy-to-use reports that can help you manage your fleet and office management.

With reports you can:

  • Pull filtered reports instantly from the system with data as far back as six months
  • Confirm billable hours and payroll
  • Monitor speeding, idling, and off hour usage
  • Create a delivery frequency – daily, weekly, monthly – to be emailed to the desired contacts
  • Manage who receives which reports, and for what vehicles
  • Receive and pull reports in PDF, excel, or image format.

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Smart Fleet Purchase Options

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Smart Fleet offers multiple payment options for their GPS tracking devices.  These options make sure any company can afford GPS fleet tracking, regardless of their cash flow! money_sign

Purchase Monthly allows the customer to pay for their equipment up front, and then pay for service each month.  This requires a year long contract, but past that the customer can cancel at any time with no additional fees.

Lease is an option for a 3 year lease through a third party leasing corporation.  This allows the customer to gradually pay for the equipment, service, and installation if needed over the course of 3 years without having to have the money upfront.  Leases have a $99 processing fee.

Purchase Annual is our most cost effective option.  The customer pays for both the equipment and service up front for the year and thus receives discounted service.

Call 732-722-7725 or email to get a quote for your fleet!

Fuel Card Integration with GPS

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Integrating fuel card’s into your fleet is a great way to manage your fleet’s fuel usage. Smart Fleet Prime offers many reports that can help you track the usage of your fuel card.

By tracking your vehicle and knowing where your fuel card was used, you can easily compare the two. So you can make sure it was your vehicle at the gas station and not someone else’s.

Fuel cards can help you manage your fleet’s fuel usage and help you be able to improve it.

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Smart Fleet – Platform Options

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At Smart Fleet, we are currently offering 4 different GPS tracking platforms!  Each platform has different features, devices, and prices.  By using multiple platforms, this gives our customers the option to get whatever services are most important to them!


SmartFleet is our original company, powered by Spireon.  SmartFleet has both hardwired and plug and play devices as well as asset and trailer trackers!  SmartFleet is currently our most popular program.

logo_smartez_horizSmart&EZ is a newer platform that many customers like due to it’s similarity to SmartFleet.  Smart&EZ is the only plan that automatically has 1 minute GPS updates, giving you the most real time tracking.  Smart&EZ is extremely customizable, allowing the customer to choose how their vehicles look and what they see.400dpiLogo-small-TM--(2)

SmartScout, powered by Geodecisions, is backed by Gannet Fleming.  This is currently our most cost efficient program.  SmartScout still offers most of the major features wanted and is perfect for a company who does not need all the bells and whistles.

SmartFleet Prime

SmartFleet Prime, powered by GPS Insight, is the most detailed and customizable program we offer.  Prime has all of the features of the other programs and then some.  Prime is currently the only program offering fuel card integration.  With SmartFleet Prime, customers has customize their dashboard to fit their needs.

Please call 732-722-7725 or email for more information and one of our sales representatives will help you decide with program is right for you!

GPS Asset Tracking

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Tracking your assets can be a pain.

Having multiple assets at varying locations can make it seem nearly impossible to always know where they are. Thankfully, with Smart Fleet GPS you can!

Asset tracking helps put your mind at ease, offering you pings during movements, auto location when stationary, and alerts if they move outside a predetermined geo-fence.

Keeping your assets, and your worries, at ease is what Smart Fleet GPS can offer you!


GPS Tracking – Low Prices; High Value

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GPS tracking was once thought to be something only large companies could afford, that business’s with hundreds, or thousands, of vehicles could capitalize on.

That’s no longer the reality.

Technology has driven the price of GPS tracking down, making it easy for smaller companies to afford tracking. Companies with just one vehicle in their fleet can afford, and now rank the benefits of, GPS tracking.

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