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Smart Fleet GPS – 60 Day Follow Up

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Smart Fleet values their customers and tries to provide them with the best service possible.  To ensure this we do a 60 day follow up with all new customers!searching website

During our 60 day follow up, we check that all units are installed correctly and tracking.  We make sure the customer is utilizing the system to it’s fullest with automated reports and alerts.  We also reach out to each of our customers to see if there is anything else we can do for them.

After their 60 day follow up, we also offer any other training they may want.  Although training is offered when customers sign up with us, it is useful to do a more in depth training session after they have had time to explore the system for a while.

Call 732-722-7725 today to get started!

GPS Software Updates

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Technology is constantly changing and improving.

With GPS tracking software, the technology advances in a way to increase customer’s efficiency and have more customization than before.

These software upgrades are always free to you and are easy to transition into.

If you should have any questions, we’re always here to assist. We can even set up a free training session to help you use the system to it’s fullest potential!

Give us a call at 732-722-7725 to schedule your upgrade and training session today!


How Does It Work?

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How does GPS tracking work?another sat sf

There are 24 government satellites that track GP.  All you need is 3 satellites to triangulate on your GPS unit.  When the satellites lock onto your device, they provide you with data such as latitude, longitude, and speed. When 6-10 satellites lock on your GPS device, the system can get as close as 15-30 feet of your vehicles location!  The more satellites available in your area, the more accurate your results will be!

sat sfBut how do you access this information?

GPS is very simple.  All of this data is stored inside of your GPS unit, which is called automatic vehicle location technology (AVL).  The data collected is forwarded to a cellular network using the same technology as your mobile device!  The information is then uploaded to a data center, which you can access over the internet.

It’s all internet based, so anywhere you can access the internet, you can access your fleet!  Whether it’s from the office or on the road, our GPS tracking system can help you manage and maintain your fleet!

GPS Tracking Breakdown LARGE

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Speeding is a big issue for any sized fleet. It can seem nearly impossible to monitor the speeds of every vehicle on the road. Thankfully, with Smart Fleet GPS tracking you can manage and monitor each vehicle’s speeds.

Not only will you be able to see the speed every time the vehicle moves, but you can also set yourself up to be alerted if they exceeded a certain amount.

So if you don’t want your drivers going more than 80mph, you can be alerted for that instantly via text and/or email as soon as your driver’s do.

Speeding is a dangerous hazard that can put wear and tear on a vehicle, lead to unwanted accidents, and unwanted lawsuits.

With our speeding alert tracking solution, you have the power to know when your vehicles are speeding, allowing you to take action.

Fleet Tracking & Garmin Integration

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Is you fleet currently using Garmin devices? If so, then Smart Fleet has some good news!

Through our Smart Fleet Prime program, you can track your vehicles and integrate your Garmin devices into the system.

Combing Garmin and fleet tracking can help you schedule jobs and dispatch right from the GPS tracking portal.

You can send job information and routes directly to your drivers, while fleet managers can manage all driver status’, updates, and completed jobs.

Give us a call at 732-722-7725 to schedule a free live demo to see if Smart Fleet Prime is right for you!  

prime garmin sf bckground

Smart Fleet GPS – Idle Alerts

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Do your drivers leave their vehicle running to keep it cool?  Did you know that for every hour your vehicle idles it’s a 1/2 gallon of gas wasted?!the sun sf color

Cut down on fuel costs by using idle alerts.  Our idle alerts let you set your own threshold to be alerted after however long choose.

You can set your alerts so both you and driver receive them.  This not only makes you aware, but lets the driver know you’re watching!

You can’t manage what you can’t see!  Call or email today to schedule your free demo!