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Fleet Tracking Reports

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Smart Fleet GPS offers many different sophisticated and helpful reports.

Many reports can help you manage your payroll and billable hours.

These reports can make a managers life easier and help with efficiency within the workplace.

There are many different GPS Reports that Smart Fleet offers, find the one that’s the best for you!

Trip Details EZ Report


Smart Fleet GPS – Training

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Don’t think you are getting the most out of your system? We can help!

We offer free training to all of our customers to teach them to use the system.  Through individual training sessions we can teach you to use what features are most important to you.  This is a great way to set up all of your alerts and reports.  We use screen sharing to allow you to see what we are doing while we explain the process.  This makes it so you can replicate what we did at a later date!

Our customers are our number 1 priority so we offer as much training as needed to get you comfortable with our system!

Call or email today to get started!

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Fleet GPS Tracking – Off Hour Alerts

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Do your drivers take your vehicle’s home after work? Bring them home for the weekends?

If you leave them at the shop, are you concerned about unauthorized vehicle movement or theft?

Smart Fleet offers off hour alerting to help manage and alert you of unauthorized movement.

If a vehicle is moved after hours, you can instantly get an alert sent to you via text and/or email.

This allows you to manage your employees unauthorized vehicle use, while also alerting you of potential vehicle theft. off hour alerting image


GPS Tracking Made EZ!

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Smart Fleet is always working towards finding the best tracking solutions for you! With our new Smart&EZ program you’re getting the latest in GPS tracking technology.

Smart&EZ offers 1 minute real-time tracking, giving you the most up to date information regarding the location of your vehicles!

Another great feature is Smart&EZ’s dispatching tool. You can plug in an address on the map, select a vehicle, and have the job sent right to your technician’s phone with directions and GPS options.

Smart&EZ has many great solutions to benefit your fleet!

EZ Dispatching

Smart Fleet GPS – Driver Behavior

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Want to know what your driver’s are doing?  We can help you keep track!

Our GPS tracking devices not only keep track of where your vehicles are, but many can also monitor driver behavior.

With this technology you can know if your driver is making sharp turns, harsh braking, or rapid acceleration.

This can help keep everyone safe and ensure you have the best drivers on the road! You can’t manage what you can’t see!

Driver Behavior

GPS Tracking – Mobile Access

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When it comes to managing your fleet through GPS, it’s crucial that you can do it on the go.

Smart Fleet offers mobile access for your GPS tracking system, allowing you to make sure your vehicle’s are where they are supposed to be.

You can also get alerts sent right to your phone via text.

If your driver’s are idling, speeding, or driving during off hours, you can get an alert send instantly to your phone.

Already a Smart Fleet customer but want to access your fleet from your phone? Reply to this post or give us a call at 732-722-7725 and we’ll be sure to help you get set up!

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Smart Fleet GPS – Dispatching

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Do you ever get a call and wonder which of your drivers is closest?  Does one driver need something and another has to deliver to them?  We can solve these issues with our dispatching features!

Some of our platforms offer multiple dispatch options.  With these, you can see which driver is closest to a selected address.  This is can help cut down on commute time, gas, and fit in extra stops each day!

With the ‘Nearest’ option on our Smart Scout platform, you can also find out which driver is closest to another.  This can be extremely helpful if one driver needs some equipment or part from another vehicle.

On our newest Smart & EZ platform, you can enter an address and have it sent directly to your drivers phone!

Call or click today to schedule a demo and figure out which platform works best for you and your needs!