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Asset Tracking

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Tracking your assets can be a difficult task. asset tracker w sf color

You can have assets at many different job locations, often unprotected from theft.

With Smart Fleet’s asset tracking, you can get peace of mind that your assets are where they’re supposed to be.

With thirty minute pings during movements and auto location when assets are stationary every 24 hours, knowing where your assets are located has never been easier!

Smart Fleet GPS Tracking – Automated Reports

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Want to know what your drivers are doing? Our automated reports can be sent to you to help track your fleet!

Through all of our platform you can set up automated reports or we can set them up for you! You can set your alerts to come daily, weekly, or monthly by email and/or text.  You can receive automated reports for start/stop, alert summary, and fleet report card.

The fleet report card reports data such as driving distance, maximum speed, and driving hour or time spent driving.  By looking at our start/stop report, you can see a breakdown of each trip into start and stop times, travel time, travel distance, stop duration, idle duration, address of start/stop, and totals of all trips.  The alert summary report will give you a sheet of every alert you received over the chosen range – whether it be speeding, idling, off hour, maintenance, enter and exit geofence, and power lose and reconnect events.

With automated reports you won’t have to be constantly checking in to see what your drivers are doing.  You can look in once place for a summary of all of their activity.  Many employers even choose to file these automated reports to look back on a later date and keep detailed records!

You can’t manage what you can’t see!

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Fleet Tracking Mapping

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Smart Fleet’s maps are powered by google maps, allowing you to view your vehicle’s in many different ways.

Not only can you see where your vehicle is on the map, but you can also toggle a satellite view, as well as the traffic.

These different mapping options can help you better manage your fleet.

Another beneficial mapping view is our street view.

The street view allows you to see exactly where your van is parked, even being able to do a 360 view to get the perfect idea of where exactly your vehicle is located!

google maps 3 way view

Harsh Driving Alerts

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Curious about your driver behavior?  With some of our systems you can track your driver behavior!

Certain GPS devices come wired with an accelerometer that is sensitive to harsh driving behaviors.  This accelerometer is sensitive to  sharp or harsh movements.  This sensitivity allows it to track when your driver makes a sharp turn, slams on the brakes, or rapidly accelerates.

When the accelerometer is triggered by harsh driving you can receive an alert by email and/or text.  You can also choose to have the driver receive an alert to let them know you’re aware!

By monitoring driver behavior, you can lower the risk of accident and make sure you have only the best drivers on the road!

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Fleet Tracking Alerts

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Summer is around the corner and while we’ll greet the sun with open arms, it could mean changes in your fleet.

With the increase in temperature means an increase in idling for AC usage.

This increased idling can have an effect on both your vehicle and your gas bill.

Extended idling isn’t good for the life of any vehicle, and for every hour a vehicle idles, a half a gallon of gas is wasted.

To curb this idling, Smart Fleet offers alerts via text and/or email that can be sent to you and your techs anytime a vehicle idles over a predetermined amount of time.

So if you want to sure your vehicle’s are not idling for more than 20 minutes, you and the driver of the idling vehicle can get an alert.

This lets your driver know that you know they’re idling and better shut off the vehicle or get moving.

Alerts are a great way to manage any fleet!

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Smart Fleet GPS Tracking Demos

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Unsure how you will like our system? Try a Demo!  We offer demos on all of our platforms!

We have demos for both our plug and plug devices and our hardwired units! We offer demos through Smart Fleet, Smart Fleet Prime, and Smart Scout.  After speaking with a sales rep and figuring out which features are most important to you, they can set you up with a demo unit for your vehicle.  We can walk you through the system over the phone via screen sharing.  A demo is the best way to figure out what you like and dislike, through this we can decide which platform will work out best for you!

Call today to set up your demo and try us out first hand!

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US Fleet Tracking – Reports

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Smart Fleet has many reports that are offer you an easy and efficient way to confirm billable hours and payroll.

You can run your reports by vehicle, group, or by your entire fleet.

Fleet managers can schedule their reports to come in daily, weekly, monthly, or you can pull them at any time!

Reports are an easy-to-read way for you to manage your fleet and help you run things more efficiently.

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GPS Fleet Tracking – Covert Units

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Want to track your fleet without them know? We have a way!

Both our hardwired and plug and play units can be installed without your drivers knowing!  Hardwired units are hooked up directly to the vehicle wires and are hidden behind the dashboard.  Plug and play units are plugged directly into your vehicle’s OBD-II port.  Using our Y-cables, you can install the unit behind the dash and use the y-cable splitter to hide the unit.  With the y-cable, the OBD-II port can still be used as normal for mechanical purposes and your driver will never know the difference!

With torque seal, you can place a small layer around the edge of the unit to know if the unit has been unplugged.  Torque seal is useful for plug and play units that are not hidden to prevent tampering!

Covert units are not only great for your driver, but are also an excellent theft prevent measure!  With units being hidden behind the dashboard, someone trying to steal your vehicle won’t even know it’s there and allows you to continue tracking the vehicle and have a greater chance of recovering lost items!

Call or email us today to set up a demo! You can’t manage what you can’t see!

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