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GPS Fleet Tracking – Plug & Play

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xirgo w sf backgroundThe world of GPS tracking is constantly changing and evolving for the better. Smart Fleet now offers plug & play units that can be installed directly into your vehicle’s OBD-II port.

This allows you to easily install your devices as well being able to move them around within your fleet if need be.

You might be thinking that while this does sound easy, what’s to stop your drivers from unplugging the unit whenever they want?

There are a few things Smart Fleet offers that can help you with this.

Firstly, we can set you up with alerts that can be sent via email and/or texted to you anytime a unit is unplugged. This lets you know instantly that your device has been unplugged, allowing you to take fast action.

The second thing is torque seal. By placing a drop of this nail-polish like liquid where your OBD-II port meets the unit, it shows visible evidence whenever the unit is unplugged.

Plug & play units are fast and easy, while still providing similar security to a hard wired unit.

GPS Fleet Tracking – Maintenance Reports

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Struggling to keep up with maintenance for your fleet?  We have your solution!

With automated reports, you can set a maintenance report.  Maintenance reports alert you when your vehicle is ready for an oil change, tire rotations, or any other maintenance your vehicle may require!  You can set reports to alert you at a certain mileage or a time frame.

By simply letting us know the mileage on each vehicle, we can input this information and have you alerted at whichever threshold you choose!

With most newer vehicles, our devices can even check for vehicles issues! With this technology you can alert your mechanic of any issues before it becomes something bigger.  Our devices can tell you there’s a problem before you even know!

Smart Fleet offers different brands and types of GPS Tracking devices to meet your needs!


Fleet Tracking

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Smart Fleet offers many alerts that can help you manage your fleet. We offer alerts such as idling, speeding, odd hour, and many more!

A few things alerts can help you with:

  • Reduces fuel costs.
  • Curbs unauthorized vehicle use while increasing fuel economy.alert sf web
  • Decreases speeding.
  • Increases safety.
  • Helps maintain vehicle maintenance.
  • Increases your bottom line.

Fleet Tracking

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Smart Fleet offers many reports and alerts to help you manage your fleet.

One of the best features that we offer that can help you schedule more jobs, is our ‘find nearest vehicle’ feature.

If you have someone call for your service, in just a few clicks you can find out what vehicle in your fleet is the closest to that address.

This allows you to schedule those last minute jobs of the day quickly and efficiently.
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GPS Fleet Tracking – Off Hour Alerts

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Do your workers take your vehicles home?  Do you ever wonder if they’re taking it out on side jobs or using it for personal errands? We can help!

With off hour alerts you can receive an alert if your vehicle is in use outside of set hours.  You can set your own threshold for which hours you want to be alerted.  This customization makes this the perfect alert for any business!

You can now know if a worker is using your vehicle on nights and weekends. Alerts can be received via text and/or email.  You can choose to just receive the alerts yourself, or also have them sent to that driver so they know you’re aware.

You can’t manage what you can’t see.  Lucky for you, with our help you can see it all!

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Mobile Tracking – GPS Fleet Tracking

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On the go? Our GPS Tracking can track your fleet from your mobile device.

We have apps compatible with all major phone companies and tablets.  For the company that’s always on the run, our GPS tracking units can keep up with you!

Just like on the computer, the mobile app lets you see where your vehicles are, how long they have been there, what speed they are traveling at, if they are idling, and how long they have been idling for.

Automatic reports can also be generated and sent to you via text and/or email.

Not being in the office is not an excuse to not know what your fleet is doing!


Fleet Tracking Management – Idling

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For every half an hour a vehicle idles, a half a gallon of gas is wasted.

Managing your fleet’s idling may seem like an impossible feat. You have too many driver’s and not enough time to check in with them to make sure they aren’t idling.

Smart Fleet offers an easy solution to manage your fleet’s idling, and that’s through our idling alerts.

Idling alerts are set up by you, and can be sent out to anyone in your office, and even to your driver’s.

Sending the alerts to your driver’s is a great self-policing mechanism that allows your driver’s to know that you know that they’re idling.

So you can have alerts sent out alerting you and driver’s when they’ve been idling for 30, 20, or maybe even 15 minutes and they better turn off the van or start moving. checking phone sf