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GPS Fleet Tracking – Asset and Equipment Tracking

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GPS tracking is not only for the vehicles in your fleet! Smart Fleet also offers asset and equipment tracking!

Our devices can be installed into mobile assets such as site equipment and freight.  GPS tracking is one of the best ways to monitor equipment left at sites when you cannot be there to monitor it in person!

With multiple plans available, asset and equipment tracking can be a cheap and effective way to oversee your job site.  Don’t go home tonight worrying about what’s happening with your equipment, give us a call and and we will give you peace of mind!


Fleet Tracking GPS

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Smart Fleet offers alerts that give you the ability to manage and monitor your fleet.

One of our most used alerts is our idling alert. This alert allows you to get emailed and/or texted when someone in your fleet idles over a per-determinded threshold you set up.

For example, if you set your idle threshold to 20 minutes, anytime anyone in your fleet is idling for longer than 20 minutes, you’ll get an alert!

This allows you to track and manage your fleets idling, saving you money on gas.

Fleet Tracking

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Managing your fleet’s speed can seem like a difficult task. You can’t possibly monitor if one of your driver’s is exceeding 75, 80, even 90 MPH let alone your entire fleet.

Think again!

With Smart Fleet, you can set customized alerts to track your fleet’s speed.

If you’re concerned with your driver’s exceeding a certain speed, you can set up an alert so that anytime anyone in your fleet surpasses that speed, you will get an email and/or text message instantaneously.

Don’t want your phone/email to be bombarded with alerts of your driver’s excessive speeding? You can get a report sent over to you daily, weekly, or monthly that summarizes who sped the most, what their high speeds were, and when and where they were speeding.

With these reports and alerts, managing your fleet’s speeding has never been easier!

speeding alert report