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Fleet Tracking

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Smart Fleet offers many easy-to-use and beneficial reports that can help you confirm billable hours and manage your fleet further.

With reports you can:

  • Set up filtered, scheduled reports for instant email and/or text delivery
  • Confirm billable hours and payroll
  • Create a delivery frequency- daily, weekly or monthly- to send a variety of reports
  • Manage who receives scheduled reports and for which vehicles
  • Deliver useful reports in multiple formats: PDF, Excel, or in an image format

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Fleet GPS Tracking

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Smart Fleet lets you monitor the location and status of your fleet vehicles with one easy-to-use web interface.

The interface features powerful google maps, data layers, customer map overlays, historical reports (mileage, speeding, etc) and more!

Smart Fleet is a leader in vehicle tracking and mobile workforce management and stands behind it’s services with free, automatic upgrades and 24×7 customer support. real-time tracking

Fleet GPS Tracking

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Keeping your fleet away from harm is no easy task.

GPS tracking acts as an anti-theft tool that allows you to see your vehicles’ location if they were to be stolen.

You can get alerts when your vehicle’s move after-hours and/or move when no ignition has been turned on.

This allows you to know the moment a vehicle is being stolen, and lets you take action quickly against theft. Theft Prevention

Fleet Tracking in New Jersey

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Smart Fleet is a New Jersey based company, helping people across the nation track and manage their fleets.

With Smart Fleet, you can manage your drivers and be aided in providing quality customer care and service.

Knowing where your vehicle’s are located is only half the battle. Being able to schedule same-day jobs, dispatch your closest vehicle, and get real-time alerting for things such as speeding and idling, bring the whole package together. plug and play gps fleet tracking

Fleet Tracking Management

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Smart Fleet offers easy-to-use fleet tracking software that gives you the ability to locate your vehicles at anytime. This easy access allows you to improve the productivity of your workforce.

Having that real-time location knowledge of your fleet allows you to monitor and manage your fleet at all times.

As well as real-time locations, Smart Fleet offers the ability to dispatch directly to your vehicles. Not only can you find the closest vehicle to the job, but you can send that job directly to the driver via the tracking system.

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US Fleet Tracking

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Through our GPS tracking system you can view your fleet’s real-time location using powerful google maps. These maps allow you to view your fleet through a satellite, traffic, and birds eye view platform.

They can enable you to find faster routes for your fleet and to get within at least on to two blocks of a vehicle’s exact location.

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