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Real-Time GPS Tracking

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Smart Fleet offers cutting edge GPS tracking technology that tracks every 2 minutes.

Knowing where your vehicle’s are has never been easier, or more user friendly.

With this web-based system, you can track anyone in your fleet from anywhere where you have an internet connection. And yes, this means you can track from a computer, tablet, or even your phone!

Always knowing where your fleet’s real-time location is very important to us! iphone for blog

GPS Fleet Tracking

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Keeping track of your fleet, whether it be one, seven, or eight-thousand vehicles, can be taxing.

Where are they? Did they get to the job? Were they there on-time? Why were they late? Are they idling? Speeding? Driving to non-work related locations? Driving on weekends when they aren’t supposed to be?

Many questions run through a manager’s head when it comes to their drivers, and GPS tracking helps answer them.

With real-time tracking, instant alerts, and reports that can be pulled by you, or sent to you at anytime, Smart Fleet offers key optimization to any manager with any sized fleet.  dispathcers pic

GPS Tracking Reports

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Smart Fleet offers many accessible and easy-to-view reports that lay out exactly what you need to see.

Reports are designed to help you with payroll, confirming billable hours, and to help with maintaining and managing your fleet.

One popular report we offer is our alert history report.

With this, you can pull a days, weeks, or months worth of alerts for one vehicle or even your entire fleet.

This can help you easily see who is speeding, idling, or possibly driving off hours a lot.

Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking reports are designed to help you manage your fleet!