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GPS Trailer Tracking

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When it comes to big assets like trailer tractors, it’s necessary to be able to track them with GPS.

Being able to track your larger assets with GPS allows you to know where your trucks are on the road, and also let’s you know when they’re moving when they aren’t supposed to be.

If someone tries to steal your trailer, you’ll get an alert to your cell phone instantly. This allows you to be able to act fast by cutting down on recovery time, and it eliminates the cost of replacing stolen goods.

Our trailer tracking device is delivered with a self-contained battery powered unit. It is IP54 rated, meaning it is extremely durable.

Trailer tracking is something that is cost effective and easy to implement into any sized fleet!

GPS Tracking Solutions

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One of the many ways Smart Fleet can help increase your bottom line is through extending the life of your service vehicles.

By monitoring and curbing your fleet’s idling, speeding, and unauthorized movement through Smart Fleet’s alerts, you can significantly increase the life of your vehicles.

Another major benefit that our system offers, is maintenance alerts.

Maintenance alerts can monitor when your vehicle is ready for an oil change, vehicle inspections, and tire rotations.

Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking solutions can keep you up to date on when your vehicle needs to be serviced, so you can increase the life of your vehicle. EXTEND VEHICLE LIFE

GPS Asset Tracking

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Keeping your assets safe from theft can seem like an impossible task.

How could you possibly know where all your assets were at once? How could you know if they were moving in the middle of the night, possibly being stolen?

Well, Smart Fleet offers cutting-edge technology to help keep your assets safe from theft.

With real-time tracking, as well as off hour alerting, you can know where your assets are, as well as when they are moving when they are not supposed to be.

Smart Fleet’s GPS asset tracking aides as a theft prevention tool by helping decrease recovery time of stolen assets and decrease money lost spent on recovering and replacing said assets. Theft Prevention

Mobile GPS Tracking

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Most busy business owners or managers don’t have the luxury of sitting in their office all day monitoring a computer screen to keep an eye on their vehicle’s out in the field.

Smart Fleet’s mobile features make the GPS tracking experience much easier.

With features like real-time alerting to your phone, an easy to view map of your trucks, and the ability to pull vehicle history from the palm of your hand, GPS tracking has never been more accessible.

Smart Fleet’s mobile application let’s users see their vehicles from virtually anywhere.