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GPS Tracking Solutions

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Speeding is a big issue in any sized fleet. It’s nearly impossible to monitor the speeds of every vehicle out on the road, unless you have GPS tracking of course!

With Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking, you can set a predetermined alert threshold to get emails and/or text messages sent to you when your vehicle’s are speeding.

Speeding is a dangerous hazard that can put wear and tear on a vehicle, lead to unwanted accidents, and unwanted lawsuits.

With our speeding alert tracking solution, you have the power to know when your vehicles are speeding, allowing you to take action.REDUCE SPEEDING

GPS Fleet Tracking

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Smart Fleet gives you visibility of your vehicles and drivers in the field, delivering increased operational control, reduced risk, and lower costs.

By seeing your driver’s real-time location, you can map out their routes, and make sure they are staying on task. You can also view real-time traffic, allowing you to find alternative routes quickly for your drivers so that they can get to jobs faster and on time.

The web-based system is very user friendly, and even available on your mobile devices. You can manage your vehicle’s from the office, on the road, or even in your own home.

Smart Fleet’s GPS fleet tracking will help you manage your fleet and increase your bottom line!truck in space

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Our main goal at Smart Fleet is to increase your bottom line.

GPS tracking offers many ways of doing this, one of them being idling alerts.

Keeping track of your fleet’s idling may seem like an impossible task, but with the help of GPS tracking software, it’s easy as ever.

Once you set an idling threshold, such as 15 minutes, you can get an alert to your phone and/or email that lets you know when a driver in your fleet idles for longer than 15 minutes.

Even better, the idling alert can be sent to your driver. It’s a self-policing mechanism that lets your driver know, that you know they’re idling and they better get moving or shut of the van.

When your vehicle’s idle less, it means less fuel wasted, better overall vehicle condition, and an increase in your bottom line. reduce fuel usage

GPS Tracking Solutions

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Do your driver’s take the vehicle’s home on weekends? Are they allowed for personal use, like trips to beach or a weekend concert?

If they aren’t allowed for personal use, then off hour alerts are one of the many features that Smart Fleet offers that can help increase your bottom line.

Odd hour alerts ensure that employees are not using vehicles for personal use, therefore saving on gasoline, as well as extending the life of your service vehicles.

Smart Fleet has many GPS tracking solutions that can help you save money.

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Real Time GPS Tracking

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It’s important to know where your fleet is, anytime, anywhere.

Smart Fleet offers real-time gps tracking ability, so you can easily track your fleet.

Knowing if your vehicles are where they are supposed to be, scheduling same-day jobs, and overall fleet management have never been simpler and this affordable.

With real-time gps tracking, you can sit in the passenger seat of every driver’s vehicle without ever having to step foot out of the office.

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