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Trailer Tracking

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Smart Fleet offers real-time tracking for trailer tractor’s. Through our easy to use web-based system, fleet managers can locate their trailer’s at any time.

With trailer tracking, we offer 10 minute tracking to give you the clearest picture of where your fleet is.

Smart Fleet can allow you to see which trailer’s are stopped and which are in motion.

It can also alert you when your trucks are in motion during off hours. This could be alerting you of a possible theft of the trailer or that your driver’s simply are driving when they aren’t supposed to be.

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Asset Fleet Tracking

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When it comes to assets, fleet managers are often concerned with theft.

Sometimes assets can be left on job sites in remote locations for days, making them prime targets for being stolen.

Smart Fleet can help track and manage your assets easily.

You can get real-time locations of your assets when they are moving.

You can also get alerts to your phone and/or computer when an asset is moving when it isn’t supposed to be.

Theft can cost companies thousands in retrieval and in lost assets. Why risk it?

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GPS Fleet Tracking for Cable, Electric & Utilities Companies

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For Cable, Electric & Utilities companies, being on time to customer sites requires a good communication between fleet drivers and the dispatch team.

Smart Fleet GPS tracking software allows real-time vehicle displays and easy dispatching communications between drivers and fleet managers.

Our system can help your drivers meet response times and improve customer service.

It can also help dispatchers and managers answer the age old question of “Where are my vehicles?”

With Smart Fleet, you can always know where your fleet is and have seamless communication with them.

Fleet Tracking: Cutting Down on Fuel Costs

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Fuel costs can have a big impact on a fleet’s bottom line.

Here are a few tips for saving on fuel:

First, keep your vehicles well maintained. Things like tire pressure and getting your vehicle’s serviced on time can impact the vehicle’s fuel intake. To help you keep your vehicle’s maintenance in check, Smart Fleet offers alerts to keep you on track with each vehicle’s individual maintenance schedule.

Secondly, reducing idle times. It may seem nearly impossible to keep track of your fleet’s idling once they’re off on the road, but Smart Fleet has sophisticated idling alerts to help update you on your fleet’s idling. This allows you to discipline workers and cut down on fuel usage.

When it comes to reducing fuel usage and increasing your bottom line, Smart Fleet has you covered.

For more information on Smart Fleet’s alerts, click here!

GPS Fleet Tracking & Safety

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June is national safety month and here at Smart Fleet we recognize that everyday.

Driving is one of the most dangerous things out there. According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year and an additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled.

It’s important for business owners to consider this, especially when they have drivers on the road 5-7 days a week for their entire workday.

Smart Fleet offers a few key ways to help keep your team safe.

  1. Speeding alerts. Get an alert instantly to your phone and/or email as soon as your driver surpasses a predetermined speed.
  2. Driver behavior alerts. Harsh braking, rapid acceleration, and short stops can be recorded and sent to you.
  3. Maintenance alerts. This can help keep your drivers safe from an unwanted and potentially dangerous vehicle breakdowns.

These alerts can help you keep your employees and drivers safe while out on the road.