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Fleet GPS Tracking for Passenger Transport

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When transporting people from one point to another, safety is often the main concern. Whether it be bringing children to school on a school bus, or driving a family to the airport in a taxi cab, customer safety is on the mind.

One of the biggest things GPS tracking offers is the ability to track your driver’s speed.

The last thing you need is for a driver to be speeding through a residential or school zone. Even speeding on the highway can cause a big waste on fuel. Not only can you manage your fleet’s speed through alerts, but you can also manage their speed through daily, weekly, or monthly reports. This allows you to keep your team on track when it comes to safety.

Passenger transport business’s can benefit from Smart Fleet’s GPS tracking by the alerts and reports it offers, to make sure your driver’s are driving safe for themselves, and for the people they are transporting. passenger transport image

GPS Trailer Tracking

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The time for trailer tracking is now! Managing your fleet, and protecting your vehicle’s has never been more affordable and easily accessible to even the smallest of business owners.

With Smart Fleet’s help you can have the ability to track your tractor trailer’s location and movements.

Some of the benefits of GPS tracking for trailer tractors:

  • Real-time location of your trailer.
  • Ability to set up geo-fences around key locations, allowing you to know when your trucks arrive and depart certain locations.
  • If stationary, the vehicle will update you on the location every 24 hours.
  • Email and SMS alerts are available so you can know when your trucks are moving during unauthorized hours.

The time to capitalize on the benefits of GPS tracking is now, so go ahead and give us a call at 866-477-6689!


Fleet Tracking for Pest Control

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GPS tracking provides you with the knowledge of where your vehicle’s are at all times of the day. This can help you ensure that your team stays on schedule throughout the day, and help you give customer’s an accurate estimated time of arrival.

Another benefit, is proof of job completion. To some customer’s a one hour job can feel like twenty minutes. With the use of Smart Fleet’s system, you can pull up reports of your vehicle’s location and history. Giving you what driver was there, when, and how long they were at a location for.

It can give you that real time mapping you need to manage your team, and the history of every vehicle’s travels.

So while your team is out there taking care of the pests, we have you covered for the rest.

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Fleet Tracking Software: The Ever Changing Technology

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Technology is always advancing and improving.

With GPS tracking software, the technology is advancing in a way so that customer’s can manage their fleets easier and can have more customization options to fit their specific needs.

Here at Smart Fleet we’re constantly trying to improve the system for your GPS tracking.

The upgraded systems are always free and included in every customer’s account.

As always, when the technology does update, if you have any questions, you can give us a call and we can even schedule you for a free training session!

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Fleet Tracking for Landscaper’s

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In tree, lawn, garden, and snow removal industries, the constant vehicle usage can really pile up the fuel consumption.

Smart Fleet offers ways of monitoring that fuel consumption, by being able to get alerts to yourself and to your drivers when they’ve been idling too long.

You can set up your idling alerts for anytime, whether it be for 30 minutes or even 5.

Another benefit we offer geared towards our Landscaper’s is a “seasonal suspend” on our monthly purchase program.  During your off season when your vehicles are not in use, you shouldn’t have to pay the full price!

GPS tracking can keep you covered when you’re on the job, while we save you money on your off season.

Fleet Tracking & Fleet Management

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Ever wonder if your fleet would act any differently with you sitting in their passenger seat all day?

GPS tracking allows you to do this without you ever having to leave your office. The system lets you virtually sit with ever member of your team throughout their workday.

You can monitor their speeds, their idling, and their off hour driving, while also being able to receive reports that can help you with payroll and with confirming billable hours.

Every manager wants their team to be performing at their highest ability 24/7. This system lets you know who is doing their best, and alerts those who need to step up their game.

This makes a your day easier, and a fleet’s day well managed.

Fleet Tracking for Building & Construction

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Building and construction companies need to excel in efficiency and productivity, while eradicating loss and cutting down on costs.

Smart Fleet offers an easy way to manage both trucks and heavy equipment on many construction sites by putting them on one screen.

Custom ‘geo-fences’ show drivers entering and leaving the work-site, which makes it easy for you to see exactly when your workers get to work and when they leave for the day.

The system offers ways of monitoring your vehicle’s ignition events, idling, and engine status (low battery).

By using Smart Fleet’s real-time tracking, building and constructions companies can quickly retrieve stolen trucks or assets, saving you money on equipment and the productivity time lost.

Free Training for Existing and New Customers

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Are you an existing customer having trouble moving throughout the user interface? Not sure how to set up alerts or reports? Or do you just want to become more familiar with the system?

Are you a new customer looking for an in-depth training session to get you familiar with the interface?

Well, we’ve got you covered!

With a quick call to 866-477-6689 we can have you scheduled for your one on one training in no time.

You can have as many people from your company in the training as you want, and you can schedule as many training sessions as you want, for no additional cost.

You can also call in with any questions at any time and we’ll be here to help you find the answers.

Fleet Tracking GPS for your Industry

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Here at Smart Fleet we understand that every industry is different.

Regardless, all industries could benefit from the same thing: GPS tracking.

Cutting back on idling, saving costs on fuel, helping build faster routes, and keeping your vehicle’s and assets safe are just a few ways that tracking could benefit you and your fleet.

Currently, GPS tracking is helping many different industries, such as:

  • Building & Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Passenger Transport
  • Towing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Trucking
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Utilities, Cable, & Electric
  • Government Vehicles

Curious to see how GPS tracking will benefit your specific industry? Look for Wednesday’s weekly posts highlighting your business!

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