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Spring into Action with Fleet Tracking!

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The days are finally getting longer and for some, the weather is finally starting to warm up.

Before that summer heat starts to hit your fleet, consider some of the benefits of fleet GPS tracking:

It can alert you and your driver when they’ve been idling with the air blasting, cutting back on fuel costs.

It can let you know if one of your team members takes a trip to the beach on the weekend with your vehicle, allowing you be able to manage your fleet efficiently.

It can allow you to be the passenger in every member of your fleet’s vehicle, without ever having to step foot out of the office.

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Fleet Tracking Maintenance

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Keeping track of all your vehicles’ oil changes can get pretty time consuming.

Our GPS tracking system can offer an easy and simple way of keeping track of your entire fleets oil changes.

By putting in your vehicle’s mileage one time, your vehicle will then populate the current mileage from there.

You can then set up text and/or email alerts to know when you need to get your oil changed.

Instead of having to check your vehicle’s mileage to see if they’ve reached the mark, you can have an alert sent to you, or even your driver, to let you guys know it’s time to change the oil!

Low in Price; High in Value

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GPS tracking was once thought to be something that only large companies could afford. That only business’s with hundreds, or thousandsof vehicles in their fleets could capitalize on.

Today, that it no longer the reality.

Technology has driven the price of GPS tracking down, and now it’s easy for those smaller companies to afford tracking. Companies with 10, 20, or even just 1 vehicle can now afford to get GPS for their fleet.

GPS fleet tracking is now low-price and can help with your fleet management!

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Deploying Fleet Tracking with Minimal Employee Resistance

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Launch Your New GPS System with Incentives

Launch your new system in a positive manner by rewarding your team for good driving behaviors. You could offer gift cards or cash incentives each month to the drivers for having the lowest idle time or having the lowest amount of speed of alerts. This enforces good driving behaviors while making it a fun team event.

Insurance Discounts

Insurance carriers provide 10 to 20% discounts to companies whose fleets have GPS tracking on them. Why not take advantage of savings where savings are present?

Your Top Employees Will Love It

Every company has their best, and unfortunately their worst employees. The best employees sometimes get caught pulling the weight of the worst. What better way to push those “lazier” workers than to have them know that there idles, speeding, and restricted locations are being reported to their boss. A tracking system will ensure that all members of the team pull their own weight and improve productivity in the workplace.

GPS Tracking Software: A Theft Prevention Tool

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Keeping your vehicles and assets away from harm is no easy task. GPS tracking aides as an anti-theft tool.

What better way to prevent theft then to be able to get your vehicle’s real-time address AND a clear satellite map picture of your vehicle’s location.

When it comes to assets, we have you covered. According to the 2011 Theft Report, equipment is twice as likely to be stolen than be damaged by a natural event. Why not track your equipment?

GPS vehicle and asset tracking can save you the time of locating your stolen property and saves you the money of having to replace it.