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Freeze your Fleet’s Idling

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snow with borderThis year the U.S. has been experiencing a wave of cold winter weather and chances are your fleet is busy at work and has the heat cranking.

Whether it’s the vans idling in the morning to warm up or your drivers neglecting to turn them off at jobs so they stay toasty, the issue still remains.

Your fleet is idling. For every hour a van idles, it’s a half a gallon of gas.

So how do you battle your fleet’s idling?

GPS tracking offers alerts that you can receive to let you know that a member of your team is idling. And better yet, you can have the idling fleet member alerted when they surpass your threshold. This lets them know that you know they’re idling and that they better shut of the van or get moving.

Integrate Garmin into your Fleet!

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Want to maximize the value of your GPS tracking systems and make your team happy at the same time? Integrate Garmin GPS tracking into your vehicles!

Garmin integration makes the lives of your dispatchers and your drivers much easier.

Dispatchers can use Garmin to send job information and destination routes to the drivers. With the use of Garmin you can track jobs, get real-time messages, statuses, updates and completed jobs.

The result of integrating Garmin into your fleet? Less time wasted and more productivity gained.


3 Misconceptions About GPS Tracking

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GPS tracking isn’t constrained to the confines behind a desk. With the use of our mobile app, you can check your fleet anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. Another great time-saving feature is the ability to have reports sent to you daily, weekly, or monthly. You can get them sent to you through text and/or email, meaning you never have stop your busy schedule to sit down behind a computer and pull it up the old fashioned way.


You don’t need 500 vehicles to benefit from GPS tracking. Any fleet, from 3 to 3,000, can find themselves saving money with the help of GPS tracking technology. It isn’t the size of the fleet that matters, it’s the savings the company captures.


GPS tracking today is more affordable than ever. Besides it being at a low price, it also helps you save money on places your fleet could be wasting it. From excessive idling and speeding, to personal usage and inefficient routes, GPS tracking can help cut back on those things, saving your company ample amounts of money.

Mobile GPS Tracking

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Are you constantly on the go? You don’t think GPS tracking would work for you because you aren’t always at your desk?

Well, Smart Fleet offers a mobile app which can help you view and track your fleet from anywhere you have your phone and an internet connection.

With the mobile app you can get real time alerts, updates, and a location for your fleet.

The mobile app is a great way for busy business leader’s to manage their fleet on the go.

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Already have a Smart Fleet account and want to manage your fleet on the go?

Send an email to for instructions!

GPS Tracking

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What is GPS tracking?

There are 24 government satellites that track GPS, and all you need is 3 satellites to triangulate on your GPS unit.

When the satellites lock on your device, they provide you with information such as latitude, longitude, and speed.

When 6-10 satellites lock on your GPS device, the system can get as close as 15-30 feet of your vehicles location.

But how do you access this information?

GPS is very simple. It’s all internet based, so anywhere you can access the internet, you can access your fleet.

Whether it’s from the office or on the road, our GPS tracking system can help you manage and maintain your fleet!