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Real Time GPS Tracking

Web based accessible from desktop, laptop or smart phone. Know where your assets are where ever you are using GPS fleet management.

GPS Fleet Tracking Reports

Reports can be pulled anytime or automatically set up to receive on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts

Alerts are pre-determined thresholds set by you, and are instantaneously sent via text and or e-mail.

Video Telematics Solution

Get visual evidence to prevent false insurance claims and increase driver safety.

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GPS Fleet Tracking & Management Integrated with Navigation and Messaging
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Smart Fleet USA, thank you for your service. We recently had our newest Service Van stolen from our technicians home and we were able to contact the police and alert them to the location of the vehicle. Now we have our van back and the thief is in jail. This happened in a matter of hours thanks to the GPS system.

Mike Wilhite, Able Heating & Cooling, Tigard OR

It was one of the best investments I have ever made. It helped me reduce personal miles, gas expenses, and prevent side jobs.

Jeff Solida, Solida Tree Service, Phillipsburg KS

We had this truck stolen from us last week. Our guy found out about it right away, he heard the truck driving away. He immediately reported it to me and I started tracking it. This person drove through two counties over an hour away before he finally stopped. The whole time he was driving away, I was able to navigate police and tell them exactly where he was. Within a few minutes after he turned the truck off I had police there. They were impressed with out GPS system as I was showing them exactly where the truck was to coordinate their efforts. Before the end of the day, we were able to successfully recover the truck with minimal damage and NOTHING was stolen out of it. This GPS system just saved us quite a lot of time and money and more than paid for itself! Our employee's who thought that we were just being "big brother" to them are now understanding the value of it.

Jonathan Hurley, Silicon Valley Sheet Metal, San Jose CA

SmartFleet is the first GPS system that we have used that integrates with our dispatching software system. That was a huge selling point for us when we decided to change GPS companies and switch to SmartFleet. The systems interact well together. Another influential factor was that SmartFleet is significantly less expensive than our old system, so we are saving money and have a “smarter” system. The system is user friendly and gives us the reporting and tracking capabilities that we are looking for in a GPS system. The SmartFleet staff are very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. The service is exceptional with a very quick response time. I have dealt with other GPS companies and found this is not always the case, so I can’t say enough about the quality of their service. As an added bonus, SmartFleet gives referral fees. We have already profited from this when a company we referred them to went with SmartFleet. We are very happy we decided to switch to SmartFleet as our GPS provider.

Vicki Grable, Current Mechanical, Fort Wayne IN

This technology has helped reduce our fuel consumption by 40% by reducing unauthorized personal use, improved routing, and reduced idling time.

Lanzo Plumbing and Heating, Hackensack NJ

We recently had a company vehicle stolen from one of our on-call service technician’s home. When he went to get into his vehicle, it was gone! He called me and I was able to pull up our Smart Fleet dashboard and locate our vehicle. I was a bit anxious watching it drive all over the city in some very sketchy areas known for drug use and gang activity. When the vehicle came to stop and the ignition was turned off, I called it into our Sheriff’s department and gave them the address. The Sheriff's department sent an officer to the address and found our vehicle there in less than an hour. Although we have not recovered all of the service tools, we are very thankful to have recovered our vehicle.

Rick Speir, Speir Heating and Air, Warner Robins GA
RPM & Extended Idle Alerts

Use speed and idle alerts to monitor driver behavior and promote improved performance and productivity.

Preventative Maintenance

Smart Fleet’s easy-to-use maintenance tools help take the guesswork out of serving your vehicles and lets you maximize your assets by ensuring preventative upkeep is happening consistently and on schedule.

GPS Tracking

With our easy-to-use web-based and mobile solutions, you can simply and affordably improve the way you manage your commercial vehicles.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Reduce your fuel bills and eliminate unauthorized or extended trips. With GPS tracking, total fleet mileage is reduced and driving behavior is improved which, in turn, also reduces maintenance costs.

Improve Productivity & Customer Service

GPS fleet management technology enables you to optimize your fleet operations by increasing your operational efficiencies and decreasing costs such as fuel, insurance, labor and maintenance.

Real Time Visibility & Reporting

Quickly generate reports anytime or have them generated automatically to your inbox. You can easily report on a single vehicle or your entire fleet. Print and email reports in multiple formats to share with your team.

GPS Management & Tracking

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