GPS Tracking Alerts

alert sf webAn intuitive GPS fleet tracking system that provides automated alerts

Our alerts help you gain valuable insight into your drivers and fleet. You can monitor and manage a vehicle or entire fleets speeding threshold, excessive idling, or the maintenance of a vehicle. This can help manage and support safe driving and cut back on fuel costs.
Alerts are pre-determined thresholds set by you and are instantaneously sent via text and/or e-mail.

Speeding Alert:

Get alerts when drivers exceed custom speed limits.
How this helps you:
  • Driver, fleet, and public safety;
  • Supports safe driving behaviors.

Idling Alerts:

Get alerts when your driver idles for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Have them sent to you and your driver; a self-policing mechanism so that your driver knows that you know that they are idling. For every hour a van idles, it’s a gallon of gas wasted.
How this helps you:
  • Cuts back on fuel usage
  • Saves money on gas

Vehicle Maintenance:

Get alerts informing you when your vehicle needs maintenance, such as an oil change, inspections, and tire rotations.
How this helps you:
  • Easy and efficient way to manage your vehicle’s maintenance.

Odd Hours:

Get alerts anytime a driver is driving at times you do not want them to.
How this helps you:
  • Saves money on fuel;
  • Manages fleet behavior;
  • Extends vehicle life