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GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

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The Best GPS Fleet Tracking Devices

Fleet managers need to get the best GPS fleet tracking devices to best support their employees. One of the best ways from employers to support their employees is through offering driver rewards. Driver rewards can be easily distributed with SmartScout Elite, but older systems can make rewarding drivers a hassle.

Deployment in the past was tricky, fleet managers were advised to monitor alerts themselves and keep track of how to distribute rewards. If fleet managers wanted to use gift cards, they also had to go out and buy them beforehand. In the busy world the comes with owning a fleet of vehicles, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to do all that.

How GPS Tracking Works

First, how do GPS fleet tracking devices work? GPS tracking works by using a combination of government satellites, cellular towers, and of course, the internet. First, the GPS tracking device locks onto a triangulated signal from the 24 government satellites in the sky. These satellites can determine the GPS units latitude and longitude. That data is stored in the device and then pushed to the cellular towers within the network. Once it communicates with the cell network, the data is pushed to the internet and Smart Fleet’s cloud-based software. This entire process takes only a few seconds, translating data at high speeds to get you the GPS tracking data as fast as possible.

Second, what are some benefits of GPS tracking? One benefit is the anti-theft measures fleet managers take by installing GPS tracking. If a vehicle is stolen, having real-time tracking data can significantly decrease recovery time and loss. Dash cameras also play into this in identifying the person behind the vehicle theft. Dash cameras also can fall under a no contract option to make things more flexible for fleet managers.

Plug and Play Devices

Another benefit of GPS tracking is managing maintenance. Plug and play devices can record diagnostic trouble codes, or DTC, which help management determine when the check engine light turns on. Being able to remotely discover this information can assist and getting maintenance scheduled before it’s too late. Being able to input costs spent on maintenance can also assist in determining when vehicles need to be replaced.

Lastly, a benefit of GPS fleet tracking devices are driver rewards. Smart Fleet’s new SmartScout Elite system offers a great way to offer driver rewards to drivers. Drivers are scored on behaviors such as idling, speeding, and harsh braking to give the driver a score. Management can easily see each drivers score and reward good drivers with electronic gift cards to stores like Walmart and Home Depot. Additionally, managers can determine which of their drivers need better coaching on the road. All of these features are available on the no contract plan.

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